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Oak Framed Gazebo Kit E02 - 4.2m x 3m, 195mm Posts

Our Oak Framed Gazebo is an attractive feature for the garden and can also be made into something very practical. From a seating area to a sheltered workspace for a gardener.

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  • Oak Framed Gazebo Kit E02 - 4.2m x 3m, 195mm Posts


    Supplied as a Building Kit in 100% Green Oak
    (including Air Dried Oak Pegs).


    All of our gazebo kits use 100% QP1 quality European green oak in the timbers and also in the air dried pegs that hold the structure together. Elements are made with the latest precision engineering equipment and finished with time honoured joint techniques. This combination of old and new makes for the sturdiest and most attractive oak frame gazebo to create a centrepiece for your garden or landscaped area.




    100% GREEN OAK
    Unlike the majority of timber kits on the market, we make our products from 100% European Green Oak, including rafters and studwork. Not to be confused with the lower end of the market, we have aspired to recreate the detail and strength of a hand-crafted bespoke oak frame building as a pre-cut kit.


    Our innovative machinery is capable of transferring, qualitatively and cost effectively, our detailed designs into accurate components. These components can then be quickly and easily erected by a professional carpenter/builder.

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    Height: 3040mm

    Width: 4200mm

    Depth: 3000mm

    Head Height: 2100mm

    Floor Areas: 14.6m²

    Oak Posts: 195mm x 195mm

    Roof Pitch: 35°

    Timber Grade: QP1 (D24)


    Lifting equipment is strongly recommended

    Total Weight: 1750kg (approx)

    Heaviest Component: 167kg (approx)

    Longest Length: 4401mm

    Total Volume: 1.457m³

    Assembly Time: 2 day (3 man team)

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