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More behind our company, Traditional Beams

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Since our launch in 2011, we
have successfully supplied products to thousands of customers and developed a fantastic reputation as a trusted online retailer. We believe this is due to a combination of superior quality products supplied at reasonable prices coupled with exceptional customer service. Our 5 star review rating can be seen at independent reviews site reviews.co.uk.

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Although our product range has grown over the years, oak fireplace beams remain our main focus. In fact, we’ve modeled our whole business around this product. From the huge stock of air dried beams suitable for internal use, to our purpose built manufacturing facility, we’re perfectly suited to cope with the high demands of this niche market.


Over the years we’ve made large investments to increase productivity capacity in order to cope with the rising demands of our products. We’ve invested in some of the best woodworking machinery on the market today in order to streamline our processes and diversify our product range.


The most valuable asset of every business of course is its employees, and Traditional Beams is no exception! We’re extremely lucky to employ incredibly hard working and passionate people. Every team member is crucial to our operation and passionate about being part of a small UK manufacturing business. MEET THE TEAM

Our oak is sourced from properly managed sustainable European woodland. We can count on our suppliers to ensure only high quality timber is delivered to us. We’ve developed some great business relationships with a number of suppliers over the years. We have also been working hard at becoming a carbon negative company and we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously! Read our eco-policy and find out the ways in which we are being eco-friendly! We're also dedicated to a sustainable business.