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The most valuable asset of every business of course is its employees, and Traditional Beams is no exception!
We are extremely lucky to employ incredibly hard working and passionate people. Every team member is crucial to our operation and passionate about being part of a small UK manufacturing business. As a growing business, we now have over 15 team members! Meet some of the team below…

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    Managing Director

    Freddie is the owner and managing director of Traditional Beams, ultimately responsible for ensuring the companies vision becomes a reality.

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    Operations Manager

    David is responsible for overseeing production, ensuring everything runs smoothly. David is the first point of contact for all sales enquiries as well as our fully qualified health and safety manager.

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    Marketing Manager

    Rebecca develops and executes marketing strategies for the company, an increasingly crucial role within this evolving business.

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    Customer Care Advisor

    Catherine is part of our customer care team and is always happy to help! The point of contact for sale enquiries and after care advice!

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    Workshop Manager

    David makes sure the workshop is running efficiently and safely. He manages machinery maintenance, oversees day to day running of production, implements training opportunities as well as operating machinery and being involved in production.