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Oak fireplace beams are our speciality, nevertheless since our humble beginnings in 2011 we have grown our product range and now manufacturer a variety of high quality handmade products we’re proud to put our name to.

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Oak Fireplace Beams

We offer a comprehensive range of fully finished oak fireplace beams. All fireplace beams are hand crafted from scratch in our North Yorkshire based workshop. Our oak beams are a high quality structural grade and most importantly air dried for a minimum of 2 years to reduce movement in your home.

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Industrial Bracket Shelves

Our Rustic shelves with metal brackets. Each shelf goes through our carefully developed 10 stage manufacturing process. We're confident that these shelves are the best about which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee!

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More about our fantastic range of products

The Traditional Beams brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality and superior design - our range of beautifully crafted solid wood pieces is second to none, and our reputation as the UK's leading manufacturer of oak fireplace beams has been earned - but we do so much more!

From solid oak fireplace beams and oak surrounds to oak shelving and pine shelving, as well as solid wood tables, Traditional Beams offer a range of furniture with a natural and classic feel.

Adding to this we have a range of outdoor oak framed kits made from solid oak. These include garages, gazebos, porches, and pergolas. The solid oak framed kits offer a traditional architectural design, which is not only stylish but offers a strong and durable structure.

Oak Beams

Solid oak fireplace beams are Traditional Beams mainstay products. Over the years we have gained a reputation as the UK's leading supplier of oak beams. The first consideration when choosing which fireplace beam is the right one for your home is the style. Traditional Beams offer a range of styles that have unique differences in keeping with various room designs and personal preferences.

You can choose a smaller oak mantel or a larger beam above the fireplace for more of a feature. We have our classic style with clean straight edges fitting in with both modern or traditional homes as well as rustic and reclaimed beams which give a sense of maturity with distressed edges and an overall time worn appearance. Our aged beams also have the option of matching oak corbels adding to the overall character of the beam. Some of our beams are arched on the bottom side of the beam, another beautiful feature.

Solid Wood Shelves

Traditional Beams offer a range of solid wood shelves that are handcrafted from high-quality oak and pine. A range of colours and styles are available, and like our beams we have rustic, and modern square edge designs available.

Many of our rustic shelves come with industrial style metal brackets, which adds to the aesthetics of our shelves. In addition to this, we offer a floating shelves range, where our solid wood shelves can be fixed to the wall with concealed floating fixings. This provides a clean and unique solid wood shelving solution.

The edges of our rustic wood shelves are distressed, and the surfaces are textured, providing a natural time-worn appearance. Our solid oak shelves have smooth straight edges for a more contemporary feel.

Our shelves are guaranteed to be a fantastic addition to your space and come with a lifetime guarantee. Many of our customers use our shelves in living spaces, bedrooms, and office spaces. A truly versatile product.

Solid Wood Tables

Solid wood tables offer any living or dining space warmth, richness, and comfort. Solid oak tables have an aesthetic appeal that is often lacking in tables made from other materials. They provide great structural integrity which is why they are so often used for large dining tables. Our solid wood tables have a natural grain that is unique to each table, giving you a one-of-a-kind product.

Traditional Beams source wood as locally as possible resulting in a low carbon footprint. We also only source timber from sustainable and environmentally friendly sawmills. We control the entire manufacturing process, so we are careful to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

We offer a variety of finishes and offer English Oak and European Oak tables.

We have a wide range of solid oak table tops ready to pair with our range of table legs for a true one-of-a-kind table. Our table legs come in various shapes, including square frame, trapezium-shaped and x-framed. We also have oak tapered table legs. For heavier table tops, we offer industrial square steel table legs.

Solid Oak Worktops

Traditional Beams offer solid oak worktops which are manufactured in-house and are commonly used as kitchen worktops, in-home office spaces and bedrooms. The unique grains and authenticity of wooden knots provide a sense of character that is often missing with other materials. We use full length staves when laminating timber together.

Solid oak worktops stand the test of time and can be refinished in years to come for a complete change of look! The same goes for solid oak floors and other wooden products. This is the beauty of working with natural materials.

Oak Flooring

Floor design has a significant impact on the look and feel of your home. It takes up the most surface area and is the most widely used surface in your home. Therefore, floor design certainly deserves to be the focal point for any interior designer.

At Traditional Beams, our range of solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring will bring a sense of elegance and class to your home. They naturally provide a sense of warmth and character, and you can choose from our range of styles and colours whichever floor design best suits your home. Our oak flooring is sure to deserve its place as the focal design piece in your home.

Oak Framed Kits

Our range of oak framed kits are made from 100% European green oak and are designed to provide a structure that is the epitome of strength and be an iconic centrepiece for your garden or landscaped area.

Our range includes single, double, and triple bay garage structures. From which you can choose from a range of structure and roof designs. For all your outdoor occasions we highly recommend our range of gazebos, all of which come in a range of sizes and designs to fit your outdoor space. They offer a sturdy and durable structure that can be the focal point of your outdoor social gatherings. In addition to our garages and gazebos, we offer solid oak porches and pergolas, again these are perfectly designed for the outdoors, adding further character to your home and outdoor space.

All our oak framed kits are manufactured with the highest standard of material and finished to an extremely high standard. The kit is conveniently assembled using traditional oak pegs and includes thicker oak timbers to ensure durability and longevity. You can complete the structure with building bricks, wall cladding, as well as roof slates, tiles, or cladding. Our kit has been designed with brickwork and cladding in mind, giving you the freedom to add to the kit design effortlessly and seamlessly.

Why choose solid oak beams, shelves & furniture?

Solid wood is a beautiful addition to your room and property as it brings a sense of warmth and naturalness. Combined with good overall room design and lighting, solid wood such as oak or pine will transform any living space into an amazing place to call home. Whilst solid wood offers many visual and design advantages. There are many other reasons why opting for solid wood beams, shelves and furniture is the best choice for your home design.

Five reasons to choose solid wood

Stunning Design

Solid wood such as oak, pine and walnut offer beautiful design options and creates a luxurious and warm impression to any interior space. The grain of the wood, along with the knots and variations in shades and colours provide an endearing work of art.

Superior Quality

There is a reason solid wood stands the test of time and in some cases handed down from generation to generation. This is because of its superior quality. Not only does it look great, but solid wood offers incredible durability, strength and can withstand daily wear and tear in comparison to other alternatives.


Solid wood offers the advantage of being environmentally sustainable. If you are passionate about the environment and want to play your part in a greener world. Then solid wood that is sourced from replenishing forests is the way forward.


When designing your home or room's interior design the price is always a consideration. Oftentimes, solid oak or pine may be more expensive than other alternatives. However, it is important to consider the quality and durability of solid wood (especially furniture) over let us say, for example, veneered furniture or furniture made by synthetic materials. Solid oak and pine over time will last longer and maintain its aesthetic feature, making it the more affordable choice over the long run.


No two pieces of wood are ever the same, and this goes for the same species of wood such as oak or pine. For that reason, each piece carved from solid oak / pine wood will have a uniqueness that is rarely achieved with other furniture types. The grain of the wood will differ with the age of the tree, and the knots on the wood will differ from tree to tree.

Why choose Traditional Beams?

Traditional Beams range of products encompasses creativity, functionality, and quality. Our innovative workshop utilises both traditional craftmanship, and modern-day tooling to bring you products that elevate the look and feel of your home. Solid oak and pine offer incredible benefits such as its durability and aesthetic appeal, and our team of professionals are passionate about providing our customers with what we consider works of art that will last for the ages.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide assembly instructions?

Our fully finished oak beams and shelves all come with fitting instructions. We are constantly striving to become more environmentally friendly so have gone paperless, these will be sent via a link along with your dispatch notification.

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Hardwoods such as oak comes from deciduous trees, which lose their leaves during autumn. Whereas softwood such as pine comes from conifer trees, which are trees that remain evergreen for the entire year. Hardwood in keeping with its name is a much harder timber offering a superior level of durability and strength as well as offering many aesthetic characteristics, which is why it is the timber of choice for many furniture items.

Do I need to maintain solid oak furniture?

Solid oak furniture requires minimal maintenance however more wax can be applied in the future to keep it looking its best. It is recommended that you regularly dust the furniture with a dry duster to maintain its appearance, and where possible keep it out of damp or moist areas.

Do the products have a shelf life?

There is no shelf life on solid oak furniture. If looked after properly, solid oak furniture can last for centuries. This is why you will see many pieces of furniture handed down from genration to generation.

Do I need to provide the measurements of my room?

Many of our products are made to standard dimensions, therefore it is not necessary. However, it may be a good idea to know the dimensions of for example your fireplace or room to double-check that the furniture piece will be the perfect fit. If it isn't, get in touch and we can see if we can make something more bespoke.

What is the difference between green oak and air-dried oak?

Green oak is oak wood that has been recently felled, for example in the last 6 months. It has a high moisture content; therefore, it is used for exterior products and not for our interior products. Air-dried oak is stored to dry naturally for much longer. Most of our oak is stored for a minimum of 3 years. Its lower moisture content means they are less like to change shape making them suitable for furniture and above your wood burning stove.

Are cracks on the wood beams normal?

Yes, cracks are normal and are a natural product of the ageing process of wood. Most furniture manufacturers will select timbers that have cracks and knots that are aesthetically pleasing. As oak dries out, it shrinks across the grain which causes cracks to develop. Cracks are a great indication that the beam is in fact air-dried. We only use QP1 and QPA grade structural oak beams which means the angle at which the grain runs is limited, avoiding cracks to run off too severely and weaken the structure.

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