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Lifetime Guarantee

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Lifetime Guarantee

Our Lifetime Guarantee Terms and Conditions.



Our lifetime guarantee offers 25 years of cover for beams, shelves and furniture that are installed/used indoors. Any items you have made alterations too, including but not limited too; drilling extra holes, routing out, sanding and refinishing will not be included. Metal products, oak framed kits and garden furniture are not covered by the limetime guarantee.
Due to the availability of stock and our continuous product development, we may not be able to offer a like for like replacement.


Our lifetime guarantee covers for domestic use only. It does not cover commercial use. Items are only covered that are installed and used in the UK. Our lifetime guarantee does not cover against accidental damage which includes during installation and does not cover against misuse of the product including wilful damage, neglect or inappropriate cleaning. (Some cleaning products can damage the finish) It does not cover against water damage or other events outside Traditional Beams’ control. 


The lifetime guarantee does not cover bespoke orders that cannot be ordered on our website. 


For items installed above excessive heat sources such as wood burning stoves, only beams will be covered and for excessive movement only. Shrinkage, cracks developing and some twisting are not structural defects and will not be covered as part of this guarantee. Items must be installed in line with HETAS rules and building regulations to be covered. 


Wood is a natural product and can differ in terms of cracks, grain and other distinguishing features. Any movement such as shrinkage, swelling, twisting and further cracking can be expected which adds to the natural characteristics. These are not defects therefore are not covered by the lifetime guarantee.