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Oak Framed Garage Kit C02 - 2 Bay Full Hip & Catslide

Need extra space for your car or simply wish for more storage? With our oak framed garages there is no easier way to create that extra space. 2 bay Oak Framed Garage, Full Hip & Catslide.

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  • Oak Framed Garage Kit C02 - 2 Bay Full Hip & Catslide


    Supplied as a Building Kit in 100% European Green Oak
    (including Air Dried Oak Pegs).


    • Uprights are 215mm to match that of a standard brick size
    • All pieces are numbered & labelled
    • Assembly instructions & parts list

    The two bay full hip and catslide style of oak framed garage offers the double bay style with the additional catslide extension to the rear. Made with 100% QP1 quality European Green oak, this is a precision engineered design that also uses time honoured joint styles for a modern yet traditional style of oak garage.


    To give the C02 style longevity and sturdiness, the garage uses 215mm front posts and sole-plates as well as braces that are set back. In addition to giving it strength, this also allows the use of standard bricks for the brick plinth and the easy addition of a garage door.


    The garage is an easy to assemble design that uses air dried oak pegs, oak studwork and rafters. The latter two of these can also be replaced with other materials if required to fit your needs. To finish the style, brickwork, roofing materials and optional cladding is needed.


    Optional Log Store Available



    100% GREEN OAK
    Unlike the majority of timber kits on the market, we make our products from 100% European Green Oak, including rafters and studwork. Not to be confused with the lower end of the market, we have aspired to recreate the detail and strength of a hand-crafted bespoke oak frame building as a pre-cut kit.


    Our innovative machinery is capable of transferring, qualitatively and cost effectively, our detailed designs into accurate components. These components can then be quickly and easily erected by a professional carpenter/builder.


    The uprights of our kits are 215mm, to match that of a standard brick size, ensuring the build is easier without custom bricks. The beam integrates seamlessly with the brick plinth, so doors can be mounted directly.

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    Height: 3890mm

    Width: 6000mm

    Depth: 5000mm

    Floor Areas: 30m²

    Oak Posts: 195mm x 195mm

    Oak Front Posts: 195mm x 215mm

    Oak Rafters: 75mm x 125mm

    Roof Pitch: 40° & 37° on Catslide

    Timber Grade: QP1 (D24)


    Lifting equipment is strongly recommended

    Total Weight: 3588kg (approx)

    Heaviest Component: 174kg (approx)

    Longest Length: 3800mm

    Total Volume: 2.990m³

    Assembly Time: 2 day (3 man team)

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