7 Essentials For Every Bonfire Night Party

Freddie Armstrong

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If you’re throwing a bonfire night party this year, you’ll probably be thinking you’ll need a few glasses of mulled wine and maybe even some fireworks. But to make your bonfire night party even more fun, you’re going to need everything from an oak fireplace mantel to copious amounts of chocolate. Here are the 7 must-haves you’re going to want to add to your shopping list…

1) Marshmallows

There’s nothing better than a fire-toasted marshmallow. Whether you intend to brave it next to a bonfire outside or snuggle next to your fireplace in your home, remember to buy a few bags of marshmallows.

2) An oak fireplace mantel for your fireplace

Invest in an oak fireplace mantel for your fireplace. It’s a great place to make a seasonal display. Plus, it will help to make your fireplace the focal point of your room and your party.

3) Create a hot chocolate bar

Lay out little bowls of dark, milk and white chocolate. Add jars of marshmallows and cinnamon sticks. Maybe even a cheeky jug of Baileys for the adults. Just before your guests arrive, add a large flask of hot milk and warm mugs. This way, you can all make your own yummy hot chocolates before you head outside for the fireworks.

4) Bonfire cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a bite-sized cake? Just bake some chocolate cupcakes and add pieces of a Cadbury’s Flake on top to look like little logs. Next, pipe on some red and orange streaked buttercream to look like flames. Simple but effective.

5) A wood burning stove

What’s more perfect than coming in from a cold firework display to snuggle in front of your wood burning stove? OK, so it may be too late for this year, but it’s never too early to start planning!

6) A good, hearty sausage casserole

Why specifically a sausage casserole? In all honesty, we have no idea. But there’s something so perfect about a hearty, flavoursome sausage on a cold winter’s night. Plus, putting them in a casserole means you can make a big pot for your guests ahead of time, so you don’t have to be in the kitchen when everyone else is having fun watching the fireworks.

7) Don’t forget the sparklers!

Waving around those little sparkly sticks and trying to spell out our name in the air doesn’t get any less fun, no matter how old we are. Of course, you can pretend they’re for the little ones. But we all know every single adult won’t be able to resist a bit of sparkler waving.

A bonfire night party simply isn’t a bonfire night party without good, warming food and drink and a few toasted marshmallows. Being able to snuggle in front of your fireplace and admire your seasonal display on your oak fireplace mantel, after you’ve come in from the cold, is a real bonus.

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