5 Perfect Places For An Oak Mantel Shelf  

Freddie Armstrong

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Every home should have at least one oak mantel shelf. Not only do they make a great feature, they’re also super practical, too. Whether you want to create some extra surface space, make a feature wall or display your prized possessions, here are 5 perfect places to put your oak mantel.

  1. Place an oak mantel shelf above your fireplace

This is probably the most obvious position for an oak mantel. However we had to give this space the number one spot, as an oak mantel shelf looks so good above a wood burning stove or an open fire.

Whether you go for rustic or modern, Antique Pine or Jacobean, there is one to complement every home.

Plus, not only does it look pretty amazing, it’s also a really great place to display those photo frames and candles that are cluttering up your coffee table. What’s more, you can create some really stunning seasonal displays on an oak mantel shelf – a quick, simple way to refresh your room at the beginning of every season.

  1. Kitchen

This is a less obvious choice but bear with us, as it looks stunning. An oak mantel shelf (or two) installed on the wall in a kitchen is a really effective way to add a luxurious feel to almost any kitchen.

Think French farmhouse chic, with thick wooden beams and rustic stone walls. Display your favourite crockery, with a few small pots of lavender and maybe even a bottle of wine, to complete the look.

  1. Bathroom

Yes, this one is for those who have a larger-than-average bathroom… but an oak mantel shelf looks so good in this space we couldn’t not mention it.

Stack with some carefully-rolled towels and a trailing house plant (faux is fine if you’ll forget to water it) and you’ll want to spend all day long looking at your shelf from a relaxing bubble bath.

  1. Dining room

OK, so you may be beginning to realise that an oak mantel shelf can look amazing in pretty much any room.

In your dining room (or dining area if you’re open plan), use an oak mantel to create a really unusual drinks bar. Think bottles of spirits on the top and racks underneath to hang your glasses. Drink, anyone?

  1. The separate toilet

This last position is one of our favourites, as it’s a small, cramped space that many of us recognise is completely practical, but can’t bring ourselves to get excited about decorating. An oak mantel (or two or three) cut to size to fit snuggly behind your toilet, makes the space feel more welcoming and cared for. Add a few folded fluffy towels, some fake flowers and a display of pretty soaps on a plate and you’ll make an unloved space somewhere you’re going to admire every time nature calls!

Here at Traditional Beams, we have an oak mantel shelf to suit every space. Get in touch to speak to one of our team if you have any questions or would like some advice.