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Eco Oak Briquettes 500kg Dumpy Bag

A cylindrical compressed fuel, our Oak Briquettes are the ideal addition to firewood. Made from sawdust and shavings. Approx. 500kg bag. £185 including delivery to Mainland UK.

    Please note the demand for this product is very high, our estimated dispatch time is 4-6 weeks. 

    A cylindrical compressed fuel, our Oak Briquettes are the ideal addition to firewood. They are made from sawdust and shavings, a waste by-product from the thousands of beautiful oak beams, shelves and handmade furniture we supply around the country each year. As a result, our briquettes are top of the line, composed of only the finest quality air-dried or kiln-dried oak and made on-site here at our North Yorkshire based workshop. We don’t buy any additional cheap waste to add to our briquettes such as softwood shavings or cardboard as this would reduce their quality.


    A softwood briquette may be the same weight but it would produce much less heat, for a shorter amount of time making it significantly lower quality than oak briquettes we supply!


    Oak briquettes contain a greater calorific value than coal. They’re a fantastic fuel option for lighting your stove as they deliver a huge amount of heat in a hurry. Great for your stove and the environment!  


    Price: £185 inc.VAT for a 500kg dumpy bag of briquettes including delivery to Mainland UK. Delivery to other areas will be subject to additional charges. If you place an order, and live outside of Mainland UK, we may be in touch for further delivery charges. You can email us your postcode for an accurate cost.


    Weight may vary depending of the density of the material



    • Easy to light
    • High heat
    • Long lasting
    • Low ash residue
    • Lively flame
    • Made from Oak / Hardwood
    • Made in North Yorkshire in our workshop
    • Free of glue or any other binding additives


    Take advantage of huge savings by purchasing our Oak Briquettes supplied loose in a dumpy bags - weighing approx 500kg. -  Weight may vary depending of the density of the material

    These oak briquettes need to be kept dry and stored inside. 




    How to light your stove:

    Step One
    Place a natural firelighter on the grate or fire bed. Start stacking softwood kindling jenga style 3 or 4 rows high. This method ensures sufficient airflow between each piece of kindling.


    Step Two
    Gently rest one or two small kiln dried logs up against the kindling stack. Compressed oak briquettes are an excellent addition to logs at this stage!


    Step Three
    Make sure all the air vents are fully open before setting the fire lighter alight, leave the stove door ajar slightly to enhance the airflow and speed up the lighting process.


    Step Four
    Now light your fire lighter. Once the fire is burning vigorously you can close the door fully and add logs or oak briquettes as you need them.


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