Why you need a wooden fireplace mantel in time for winter

Freddie Armstrong

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A fireplace without a wooden fireplace mantel is like a hot chocolate without marshmallows and cream; it’s still nice enough on a cold winter’s night, but you’re just not snuggling in to the ultimate cosy night on the sofa. Here’s why we think you need to get a fireplace mantel before the clocks go back.

A wooden fireplace mantel is the finishing touch for your fireplace

Whether you have a wood burner, a gas fire or you prefer the old-fashioned open fire experience, a hearth without a fireplace mantel can look sad and empty.

Adding the warmth of natural wood to an otherwise bare and boring chimney breast, can really bring a room alive. Plus, a wooden mantel can act as a real focal point, drawing the eye to your a cosy, inviting space.

Winter is the season for spending nights inside your home

When it’s cold, dark and wet outdoors, spending more evenings inside your home than out of it, can seem like an extremely tempting prospect. Gone are the long, light nights, where you can sit sipping a glass of wine in the back garden or head out for a nice sunset stroll.

Just imagine, snuggling in front of your stove, sipping a steaming cup of tea (or mulled wine), watching your favourite boxset and noticing your wooden fireplace mantel in the background, twinkling with strings of fairy lights. Need we say anymore?

Wooden fireplace mantels can be decorated for the season

If you’re a loyal Traditional Beams blog reader, you’ll know that we love the idea of decorating our wooden fireplace mantels.

While gourds work well for autumn (take a look at last week’s blog), winter is the best time of year for decorating your mantel, not only because you can let your imagination run wild with faux foliage and tinsel, but also due to the fact that it’s at this time of year that you will be spending the most time sitting on the sofa and admiring your efforts.

Winter is the season for festive get-togethers

No party is complete without a wooden fireplace mantel over a wood-burning stove. Really! Your guests will love nothing more than sipping a glass of fizz in front of a warm, crackling fire, framed by a beautifully decorated wooden fireplace mantel.

If you have an open fire, you could even place little bowls of marshmallows on top of your mantel, ready for your guests to roast later on in the evening.

Order your wooden fireplace mantel in time for Christmas

If you want your oak mantel in time for the festivities, it’s never too early to get organised. Order your perfect wooden fireplace mantel today.