Why We Love Handmade Furniture

Rebecca Armstrong

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At Traditional Beams, we make a small selection of handmade furniture, each piece with its own unique features so you have something completely your own. Here are some reasons why we think handmade is best…

Our handmade furniture is more personal in two ways. Firstly, you know it isn’t mass produced as it is handcrafted. Secondly, it is your unique piece of furniture that no one else has. All our furniture will have a slightly unique aspect meaning no one will have a piece the same as yours.

Having our handmade furniture means you’re getting something contemporary and on trend but it will also be timeless and become a classic. Our oak side table is simple and will easily fit right in to, however, your house is currently decorated. It wouldn’t look out of place in a modern bar or cafe with its oak top and stylish hairpin legs.

Once the table is in your home it may change over time once central heating has been on and with temperature changes, however, this just adds to the uniqueness of your product and gives it much more character.

We also manage to maintain the contemporary feel of our handmade work with our round walnut side table. However, we feel the walnut will allow it to complement any traditional home.

The great thing about our handmade furniture is that they really reflect that modern and simple Scandi design making them accessible in any home from modern minimalist to a busy eccentric home.

We love that our handmade furniture is handcrafted here in the UK. So you’re getting a bespoke piece from a talented local craftsman. Any of our beautiful handmade pieces complement our range of oak beams and shelves as the rustic theme runs throughout all our products meaning they don’t have to be a complete match!

If you want any information regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01287 348040.