Why you should opt for structural oak beams

Freddie Armstrong

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Structural oak beams not only play a key role in the construction of many buildings, but can also easily be incorporated into the interior design of your home to create a stunning and striking feature.

As one of the few UK suppliers to hold large stocks of air-dried structural oak beams, we have been lucky enough to see them used for some rather amazing restoration projects.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why structural oak beams are so great…

Oak is both strong and attractive

When many people think of strong buildings, steel joists come to mind. Oak is not only seen as just as sturdy and reliable as steel, but is also much more pleasing to the eye than large, ugly pieces of metal.

Belonging to the hardwood family, oak is extremely durable and structural oak beams should last for hundreds of years.

Oak beams can be used to restore houses, build new ones or even add a striking extension to our home.

It’s possible to create some truly wonderful-looking buildings with structural oak beams. By using oak beams from a reputable supplier, you can be sure that not only will your project look great but that the oak beams will last for many, many years to come.

Perfect for both internal and external use

Our structural oak beams are air dried for around 1-3 years, making them perfect for using outside or inside. Oak that has been died for this time period does not tend to have the large amount of distortion or insect damage that can sometimes be seen on very dry oak timber.

Not all structural oak beams are the same…

Here at Traditional Beams, we are able to offer our customers bespoke options, such as cutting to length, planing, sanding and waxing.

If you’ve seen something that you like elsewhere on our website, our structural oak beams can also be finished in a similar way to our oak mantels, enabling you to fully customise your beams to the way that you want them.

Why not use reclaimed oak beams?

As reclaimed structural oak beams are usually, by their very nature, quite old, the wood can be extremely hard, making it very difficult to work with. It can also contain hidden nails, which could damage machinery.

Why Traditional Beams?

We have a large stock of air-dried oak beams, in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 120mm up to 300mm. We offer lengths of up to 5m but also give you the added flexibility of having beams cut to the exact size that you require.

Additionally, we stock QP1 grade oak beams. In short, this means that our beams are perfect for structural use!

Considering using air-dried structural oak beams for your project? Give us a call today on 01287 348040 to find out how we could help.