Why brick slips are a great addition to your home

Freddie Armstrong

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Having exposed bricks in our homes, whether it’s a whole wall or a simple brick hearth, has become more and more popular.

While many of us do not have the cash (or the space) to splash out on a whole new hand-laid brick wall, brick slips, also sometimes called brick tiles, are a great way to add the same character and texture to your home, for a fraction of the cost with their installation being easier and cheaper.

Brick slips are indistinguishable from a hand-laid brick wall

If you want to inject a bit of urban chic into your home, brick slips are the ideal choice, as they much quicker to install than a brick wall.

And you won’t be compromising on quality. Made from brick ‘faces’, brick slips that have been stuck to an interior or exterior wall look indistinguishable from a real brick wall, once they’ve been pointed.

It takes a fraction of the time to install brick slips

One of the best things about brick slips is that they are much easier to install than regular bricks.

Installing brick slips is very similar to tiling. They simply need to be stuck down onto a prepared surface with tile adhesive, meaning that they are a great way to makeover your home in no time at all.

A brick slip feature ‘wall’ can cost much less than a wall made with full-sized bricks

Building a wall made from full-sized bricks can be time consuming and costly.

Brick slips can provide a cheaper alternative, as they are much quicker for a professional to install compared to constructing a brick wall. Why spend more when the final look will be just as good, if not better, than a full-sized brick wall?

Save on space with brick slips

Brick slips are much thinner than bricks, so will take up a lot less space.

Why use full-sized bricks that will make your room feel smaller, when you can get the same effect with much thinner brick slips?

Brick slips make great tiles for fireplaces

As well as interior and exterior walls, brick slips can also be used to give your fireplace a more rustic feel.

Inject more character into your home by tiling behind your wood burning stove with brick slips.

Brick slips can also be used to create a stunning feature chimney breast.

Every brick slip is unique

One of the best features of brick slips is that every single one is unique and filled with character.

What better way to add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your home?

Create a ‘wow’ factor with brick slips

Brick slips are a great way to add that ‘wow’ factor to an otherwise uninteresting home.

If you’re thinking of buying brick slips for your fireplace, why not invest in an oak fireplace beam to complete the look?