Why 2019 is the year to get an oak mantel shelf

Freddie Armstrong

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If you’re going to buy only one thing for your home this year, make sure it’s an oak mantel shelf for your fireplace. Need convincing? We take a look at why an oak mantel for your fireplace is 2019’s must-have item.

A simple oak mantel shelf for your fireplace can transform your home

If your living area is missing a bit of je ne sais quoi, an oak mantel shelf for your fireplace will make your room feel complete again.

Natural wood is a wonderful way to make a room feel homely, without making it seem claustrophobic and cluttered. There’s something so peaceful about adding wood into a living space, a feeling of zen that no other material can replicate.

Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much adding an oak mantel shelf above your fireplace will alter the ambiance.

Natural materials dominating 2019 design trends

Whether it’s wood, copper or stone, 2019 is all about natural materials.

Buying an oak mantel for your fireplace is the ideal way to keep your home looking up-to-date. Without shelling out on fancy flooring or expensive new furniture.

There’s nothing better than the cosy crackle of a fire on a cold winter’s night

A fireplace can act as a real focal point in a room. Why would you want to have your sofa pointing towards the television, when you have a warming log fire to snuggle up in front of?

Wood burning stoves have soared in popularity over recent years. More and more of us want to heat our homes (or at least one room) the old-fashioned way. Yes, yes, we know it’s only August, but now is actually the best time to install a wood burning stove and an oak mantel shelf for your fireplace. Install a stove and beam before the nights start to draw in and the rush to create a fireplace before Christmas begins!

What’s more, we think this wood-burning trend is only going to continue, as many of us look for ways to heat our home that doesn’t rely on gas and oil. If we’re right, wood burning stove installers are only going to get busier next year, so there’s no time to lose.

Buy an oak mantel shelf for your fireplace from Traditional Beams

Here at Traditional Beams, we are one of only a handful of UK suppliers providing such a large range of oak beams. Our beams have been air dried for between 1 and 3 years, you can be confident that the oak mantel shelf for your fireplace has been produced to the highest quality.

Plus, as all of our oak is sourced from properly managed sustainable European woodland. This means you can be sure that the oak you’re buying is sustainable.

So what are you waiting for? The perfect oak mantel for your fireplace is only a few clicks away.