What To Put On Your Floating Shelves

Amen Sharma

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Floating shelves are great so you don’t see all the fixings and screws. They can suit a modern home but also our oak shelves will look great in a more traditional home too.

Some people have them just for show with ornaments and plants or some people give them practical uses. Whichever room you decide to put up your floating shelves, we’ve got some ideas to give you some inspiration for your floating shelves.

Living Room

In the living room, you might just want to use your shelves for ornamental purposes. You could put a photo frame on with your favourite picture, complemented with some small plants.

This will help your house to feel more like a home with personal touches.

You could also buy a nice tray or basket to sit on it to put in your remote controls and other items you want to keep out the way.


If you decided to get floating shelves you could put a nice teapot and mug set on it or some smaller bowls and plates.

Alternatively, you could use it to display all your herbs and spices in nice jars. Better yet, you could plant some fresh herbs and keep them on the shelf too adding a fresh scent to your kitchen whilst having fresh herbs ready for an array of recipes.


Installing floating shelves in your bedroom will be great again for photos and plants like in your living room, but you could also use your floating shelf as a stylish bookshelf.

Another great idea would be to store all or your perfumes or aftershaves on as a nice display that is easy to reach.


Floating shelves would be a great addition to any bathroom, especially those that have limited storage.

You could put all of your folded towels on them to keep them out the way of your other cupboards taking up space. They always look better on a stylish floating shelf!


Again, you could use the floating shelves to store your books on, but in an office, you could get a nice box to keep all your office supplies in. You could also stack your files with matching stationary to keep your desk clear!

If you need any help choosing a floating shelf for your home please don’t hesitate to call us on 01287 348040.

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