What To Know When Buying A Wood Burning Stove

Amen Sharma

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A wood burning stove is great for making your house a home in the colder months. They can also look great in the summer months with light minimal decor or some summer flowers. If you’re looking to get yourself a wood burning stove to complement the aesthetics of your home, you will also be doing yourself and the environment a lot of favours.


Open fires are great but are only about 20% energy efficient. Alternatively, a wood burning stove is extremely efficient and uses around 70-90% of the energy efficiently. You will have all the benefits of a real fire but your money will be used much more wisely.


You will start to see savings pretty much immediately once your log burner is installed. Once you start using your wood burning stove, you will find that you need the heating on significantly less. This works even better if you keep the internal doors of your home open so the heat can spread throughout the entire home.

Check The Chimney

Your chimney may need to be lined before you decide to get a wood burning stove installed. Any home dating from the mid-1960s onwards should have either a concrete or clay chimney liner fitted, but get the qualified installer to check this regardless- just to be safe.

A lined chimney will also benefit your energy efficiency which will once again save you more money.


Wood is a much more environmentally friendly fuel than oil and gas and other fossil fuels provided the wood is sourced sustainably and you’re not chopping down lots of trees for it. The benefit of using wood for fuel also means it is less likely to rise in price, unlike oil and gas.

Any wood that has been freshly cut contains a lot of water, so remember to dry it out before you burn it. However, this process can take up to three years so you can buy it ready for ease.

It doesn’t just have to be wood, with a multi-fuel stove; you can burn coal, smokeless fuel, peat and turf but remember not all of these are as energy efficient or as good for the environment.

We hope this has helped you make your decision on whether to buy a wood burning stove, you can check out our range of stoves on our website and remember when you buy a stove you are entitled to a free traditional beam. If you’d like any more information then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01287 348040.