What Makes Oak Fireplace Beams So Special

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There are so many options when designing a fireplace, from cast iron surrounds to solid oak fireplace beams. We thought we would share with you why we think oak fireplace beams are so special.


  1. Natural character.


Using natural oak for your fireplace beam will provide you with an abundance of character. You can not easily achieve this with other materials. You will never get two fireplace beams the same making your beam completely unique to your home. From the grain, cracks knots and colour, there are so many variations. Plus oak tends to look even better with age!


Fireplace Beam



  1. Longevity


Our fireplace beams can last a lifetime! Oak has been the material of choice for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Oak is a hardwood which is traditional used for carving. People often call it the king of English trees due to its strength, density, and durability. It is one of the finest materials of choice to work with due to its resilience to fungal attacks which  makies it less prone to decay and rotting. You can be confident that your fireplace beam will last for years to come.



  1. Future possibilities.


Oak fireplace beams can change with the time. The great thing about using oak for your fireplace beam is that it can easily be refinished. You can buy all sorts of colour stains and waxes for fireplace beams, whether you would like a rich deep walnut colour for a timeless look or a pale grey stain for a bright and modern look.

We provide 9 colour finishes with our oak fireplace beams however we’re only ever a phone call away if you fancy a change and need advice on how best to re-finish your beam. If you ever change your room décor, you can change your beam to suit. You will never be stuck with the same look forever.


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  1. Easy to fit.


Some surrounds can take quite a lot of labour to install however with our oak fireplace beams they are so easy to install to a fully finished wall.  We offer pre-drilled holes and fixings with many of our beams so you can easily hang your beam on your wall in next to no time at all. Plus oak fireplace beams are so much cheaper than cast iron or marble surrounds – saving time and money!


  1. Endless possibilities


Oak fireplace beams come in all sorts of sizes so you can be sure to find one that suits your opening easily (instead of trying to make your fireplace opening to suit the mantel or surround.)

Even if we don’t offer the size you’re looking for as standard, we can do many bespoke requests so don’t hessite to get in touch with us.

Take a look at our oak fireplace beams?


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