Genius ways to re-decorate your house on a budget

Rebecca Hurst

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Giving your home a makeover is a great way to cheer up a tired or outdated space and make it feel cosy and welcoming. However, when it comes to re-decorating even just one room, costs can quickly spiral.

If you’re on a small budget or simply want to find some money-saving DIY decorating inspo to help your cash go further, we have compiled our best budget-friendly decorating hacks that prove you can create that ‘wow’ before and after on a tight budget.


Repurpose old furniture

It is amazing what you can do with a tin of paint and a little imagination. Look around your house for old pieces of furniture that no longer fit with your style, or have no apparent purpose in your home, and think about what you could turn them into.

Got an old chest of drawers or dresser that has seen better days? A quick lick of paint and a piece of kitchen worktop could turn this into your very own kitchen island .

If you have an idea in mind but don’t have the piece of furniture to paint, look for a something secondhand at charity shops or online on sites like Freecycle.


Give your walls a fresh lick of paint

Painting your walls is a cheap and easy way to give your space a whole new lease of life. If your budget is really tight, you could buy a smaller tin and stick to painting a feature wall.

If you fancy wallpaper but your finances won’t stretch that far, you can buy a patterned paint roller and use a contrasting paint for the same effect but for a fraction of the cost.


Add floating shelves to your space

Floating shelves not only make a big impact on a feature wall, they also give you extra surface space to help keep your room clutter free.

When money is tight, you want to make sure that any purchases you do make are both stylish and practical. Whenever you consider buying (or up-cycling) anything for your space, make sure that it serves both purposes and you won’t go far wrong.


Think up ways to use what you already have in the house

One of the best ways to save money when re-decorating your house, is to think up imaginative ways to give items you already have lying around a new purpose.

For example, many of us have a pile of old necklaces we never wear anymore. Why not give your room a luxurious feel and use these as curtain tiebacks?

If you want new curtains but your budget won’t stretch that far, you can pick up a duvet cover for a fraction of the cost and cut it in half to turn it into some new curtains. You will need a sewing machine to do this, but sewing machines are a really good investment for any budding DIYer, as you can then use the machine to make anything from clothes to cushion covers.

We hope we have shown you that bringing a room back to life doesn’t have to break the bank. As always, send us in your before and after shots – we would love to see what you’ve done!