The Finishing Touches

Amen Sharma

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Whether it’s with a fireplace beam or a rustic floating shelf, incorporating oak into your home is an investment and it’s one you want to last you long term.

That means keeping it protected against various factors that can cause it to change over time.

But what are they?

Water/ moisture
When oak gets wet, the water reacts with the high levels of tannin it contains. This causes the oak to turn black and discolour in certain areas.

UV rays
Like many other materials, if exposed to the sun for lon g periods of time, it can also lighten in colour. Oak that has been subjected to a lot of light is often bleached and silver in appearance.

Wear and tear
Oak is extremely popular for its hard wearing properties but over time, there’s a certain level of wear and tear that’s to be expected with any surface, especially when it comes to flooring.

There are various ways to prevents these kinds of damage from happening though. Here are our recommended treatments:

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish
A unique blend of natural waxes combine in this polish to bring out the best in your bare or sealed wood. Unlike other waxes of its kind, Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is almost completely odour free and is renowned for its easy to use qualities. It protects the original patina of the wood and is also available in seven different shades so there’s sure to be one to suit your home.

Clear Satin Fiddes Hard Wax Oil
Natural waxes and oils are blended together to create an outstanding level of durability, ideal for any areas or surfaces that need to be hard wearing.

While this Fiddes Hard Waqx Oil is colourless, the quick drying, hard wax oil leaves a matt, satin-like finish and is resistant to water and peeling.

Superior Danish Oil with UV Filter
Liberon Superior Danish Oil brings together pure tung oil and natural oils to offer protection for both hard and soft types of wood.

The penetrative properties of the oil enhance the wood’s natural pattern and leave a subtle gloss for a professional finish, while the UV filters protect your wood against any discolouration that might occur from sunlight.

Just as you would polish a good leather pair of shoes or brush a suede jacket, oak requires treatment and maintenance to keep it in the best condition and these solutions offer just that.

They are all designed to be as easy as possible to use too. Some simple preparation and a few good coats of any of the above is all that’s needed.

For advice on finding the right finish for you, or if you are unsure on how to use any of these products, contact one of the experienced team members who are on hand to help.