Summer 2020 decoration tips for your solid oak mantel

Freddie Armstrong

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If you’re fed up of staring at the same four walls, our top interior design trends for your solid oak mantel this summer could be just what you need to liven up your living space.

Use a natural colour palette when accessorising your solid oak beam

As many of us look to nature to help us to relax and get through this difficult time, the trend for bringing the outdoors inside is bigger than ever before.

Using colour is a really effective way to create a connection with the natural world from the inside of your house.

If you want to create your own little natural oasis inside your living room, your solid oak beam will make the perfect focal point.

Choose items to place on top of your solid oak mantel that fit with this theme. Whether it’s a candle holder or a photo frame, go for an olive green or a burnt orange colour.

If you’re feeling extra brave, you could even paint your chimney breast to make your solid oak mantel really ‘pop’ out into the room.

Think soft lines and curves

In these uncertain times, we’re all craving a bit of comfort. So it comes as no surprise that one of 2020’s top design trends is soft, curvy lines, rather than harsh edges.

Decorate your solid oak mantel with curvy candle holders and circle-shaped vases filled with your favourite seasonal bloom, to create a relaxing feeling in your living space.

Add a selection of plants to your solid oak mantel

Now that we have finally waved goodbye to those chilly winter nights, you can add a few plants to your solid oak beam without worrying that they’re going to wither every time you light the fire.

Research has revealed that adding greenery to your home could help you to feel less stressed – and let’s face it, anything we can do that could help to keep stress levels as low as possible at the moment, we’re willing to give it a try. Even better, some studies have proven that house plants can help to improve productivity and concentration (we all need a little more of that now we’re working from home).

If the thought of having to add ’water houseplants’ to the to-do list leaves you feeling cold, you could go for a few cacti, instead.

If you haven’t got one already, add a solid oak beam to your living space…

Solid oak mantels not only serve to frame your fireplace, but they’re also a great space to decorate with seasonal trends.

Here at Traditional Beams, we offer a wide range of solid oak beams to suit every style. If you’re spoilt for choice, get in touch and we’ll have a chat – we’re more than happy to help you choose!