Spruce up your fireplace mantel for spring

Freddie Armstrong

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Parks and gardens across the UK are dotted with bright, bobbing daffodils. It can only mean one thing; spring has, quite suddenly, sprung. If you’ve neglected your fireplace mantel since you put all your Christmas decorations back into the attic, now is the perfect time to bring a little bit of that spring joy into your home, by creating a mantelscape that will sing spring!

Add some fresh flowers to your fireplace mantel

Fresh flowers on a fireplace mantel in the winter months would get much too hot from the heat of the fire and droop within hours. Believe us, we’ve tried.

Now that the warmer weather is coming and your fire will (hopefully) be out of use for a few months, you can bring the outside in, by placing a vase or two of seasonal flowers on your fireplace mantel.

Daffodils are the obvious choice and the pop of yellow is sure to add a shot of spring cheer into any room. If you want something a little more soft and subtle, a lovely dusty pink tulip is the way to go.

Spring Fireplace Mantel

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas

Forget about Christmas baubles and holly berries, Easter wreaths are all about fresh green foliage and painted easter eggs.

You can usually pick them up from the high street, but if you’re feeling creative, why not make your own unique one to hang above your fireplace mantel? If you have a mirror above your fireplace, tie the wreath with a pastel-coloured ribbon to the string/wire on the back, to create a lovely reflection of spring colours.

Head to the garden for inspiration

A good excuse to spend some time in the spring sun, have a look around your garden for inspiration for your spring-themed fireplace mantel.

A few twigs, for example, can be placed in a nice opaque jug, decorated with small hanging Easter eggs and popped onto your oak fireplace beam. Simple but really effective.

Decorate your own Easter eggs

Hand-painted eggs look wonderful in little nests or egg holders on your fireplace mantel. Plus, if you do them yourself, you know that they’ll be unique to your home. It’s also a great activity for kids to help with and it doesn’t matter even if the eggs don’t look perfect – it just adds to the charm!

Don’t have a fireplace mantel yet?

A fireplace mantel isn’t just for Christmas. You can use it all year round to cheer up your home and create stunning seasonal displays.

Here at Traditional Beams, we stock a range of fireplace mantels made from oak, which are hard wearing, easy to install and most importantly, add a real element of character to any room. If you don’t know which oak beam would best suit your house, just let us know – we’re happy to help you choose.