3 reasons why your home needs oak floating shelves

Freddie Armstrong

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Oak floating shelves are a must-have item in every home. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are 3 reasons why every house should have at least one floating shelf.

1. Oak floating shelves are great for displaying your memories

In the modern home, space comes at a premium. An oak floating shelf (or two) is the ideal place to put everything from family photos to souvenirs from your latest holiday.

You can say ‘goodbye’ to clutter on your coffee table or too many frames on your fireplace. Your floating shelves will give you that extra surface space, so that you can see your favourite photos and be reminded of your summer holiday. Without struggling to put your feet up or put your glass of wine down, when you settle in front of the TV.

Floating Shelves

2. Create a feeling of spaciousness in your kitchen

Wall cupboards may be practical storage spaces in your kitchen, but they can often make even the biggest room feel small.

Oak floating shelves are a super solution if you feel like your kitchen is closing in on you every time you go to make a cup of tea. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what a difference it makes by swapping your wall units for oak floating shelves.

Plus, they’re really practical, as you just need to reach up to grab a plate or a glass – no need to open a cupboard. And with the right supports, you can add extra storage by installing hooks underneath your shelves to hang cups and even kitchen utensils.

Solid Oak Shelf in Walnut

3. Make the most of your walls

When we look for places to put our belongings, we usually look to cabinets or dressers or a chest of drawers. But why not use all that empty wall space?

Oak floating shelves enable you to utilise otherwise unusable space to store your stuff. Books, plants and even your spirit stash can be arranged in a way that is both practical and stylish.

Even better, you can use floating shelves to create a simple but stunning design feature in your home. Install an odd number of oak shelves in parallel for a more modern look or in a step arrangement to add a little quirkiness to your decor.

Floating Oak Shelf

Oak floating shelves – the only limit is your imagination…

A quick internet search will reveal that oak floating shelves can be used to create whatever effect you want. Whether that’s a simple display of plants and books or a backlit bar.

Here at Traditional Beams, we offer a range of floating shelves to suit any home. We’d love to see how you’ve used your oak floating shelves in your home. So why not send us through some pics? Email us at info@traditionalbeams.com.