Our 5 Favourite Ways To Decorate Oak Fireplace Beams

Freddie Armstrong

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One of the best parts about having an oak fireplace beam is decorating it. Whether you want to create a focal point in your room or accessorise with the seasons, get some inspiration with our top 5 ways to decorate oak fireplace beams.

1. Oak fireplace beams with flower power

Flowers are a wonderful way to soften up a room and make it feel homely. Creating a floral display on oak fireplace beams is one of our favourite ways to give a living space a quick and simple makeover.

Of course, you could use a melange of vases of different sizes containing real flowers. While this would look amazing, it’s time consuming and costly, as you would have to replace your oak beam display every week or so, maybe even more often if you have your wood-burning stove roaring away underneath!

Fake flowers are the ideal alternative. Not only do they stay looking good for much longer than their fresh counterparts, they are also much easier to look after as they don’t need a regular water change – or indeed any water at all!

Use different sized vases and flowers in complementary shades to match your decor. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could make a large artificial flower arrangement with a foam base.

2. Candles

Candles are classic oak fireplace beam ornaments. A variety of candles dotted around your beam in complementary jars looks amazing, especially when you light them and snuggle in for an evening on the sofa.

3. Fairy lights

When it’s too warm to light your stove, or you just want to make your room feel ultra cosy, fairy lights on oak fireplace beams are the ideal option.

Wind your fairy lights around what’s already on your fireplace beam and voila – instant cosy! We think that warm white lights work best, but you can go for any colour or style you think will suit your room. You could even opt for flickering flame lights that will look like little twinkling fires.

4. Seasonal decorations

There’s something quite wonderful about changing with the seasons. In the modern world when we can buy strawberries in December and tomatoes in February, we have lost some of the magic that comes with moving with the rhythm of the seasons. Decorating our oak fireplace beams is a lovely way to mark the start of a new season, whether that be with tulips and daffodils for spring or tinsel and fairy lights for winter.

5. When it comes to oak fireplace beams, less can be more…

If the thought of artificial flowers and candles intertwined with fairy lights doesn’t appeal to you, oak fireplace beams can look just as beautiful when they’re left bare. The natural beauty of the wood looks amazing all on its own – and on the positive side, it’s much less to dust!

Take a look at our range of oak fireplace beams to find one to suit your home. And when you’ve finished decorating, why not send us your photos?