Why opt for a solid oak fire surround?

Amen Sharma

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We’ve got many uses for oak here at Traditional Beams. From our handmade furniture to our floating shelves, we’ve made it clear why it’s a worthy investment in any home but what might not have crossed your mind about this ever popular wood, is opting to use it as an oak fire surround.

When it comes to fire surrounds in general, you’re going to want something sturdy and what better way to get that than with oak? We’ve talked about its hard wearing properties in almost all of our previous blog posts and with good reason, it’s built to last! There are all sorts of ornate metals and plastic surrounds on the market nowadays but when it comes to practicality, they just don’t make the cut. With oak, you get what you pay for and you pay for its quality.

Oak fire surrounds are also great for decorative purposes. Whether it’s with a set of glass candlesticks and a room diffuser or some tea-light holders and sentimental ornaments, an oak fire surround offers a great opportunity for adding the finishing touches to your home. They’re particularly handy for seasonal displays. It might be a little early to start planning your Christmas decorations but what would the big day be without a stocking or two hanging from the fireplace? We’re working on a Christmas styling blog post in time for the festive season so be sure to check back for tips, tricks and inspiration on making your oak fire surround a Christmas centrepiece this December.

You don’t have to decorate them to make an impact though. An oak fire surround is a statement in itself and if you’re looking to draw attention to a wall in your room, there’s no better alternative. Unlike their modern, white counterparts that are designed to blend straight into a wall, an oak fire surround makes the fireplace exactly what it should be, a feature in any room.

There’s also an element of safety that comes into play. While lots of people choose not to have a fire surround at all and instead rely on the wall cavity and maybe just a metal fireguard to shield for protection, an oak fire surround that protrudes from the wall leaves a safe distance between the fire and your family.

If the idea of a full fire surround doesn’t appeal though, we also sell fireplace beams. Just as with the surround, they offer a great mantle piece for decoration, draw the eye to the fireplace and incorporate an element of safety into your home but the single beam is more subtle and lends itself to a contemporary home.

For more information on our fire surrounds or any of the other products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team who’ll be more than happy to help.