An oak mantelpiece or a full surround - we help you decide

Freddie Armstrong

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Choosing between an oak mantelpiece and a full surround for your fireplace can be difficult. Both come with their own list of positive points and which one you should go for will depend on a variety of different factors.

If you’re struggling to select your favourite, read on to find out whether you should come down in favour of an oak mantelpiece or a full fireplace surround.

Oak mantelpiece pros
  • Easy way to add character

There’s nothing like an oak mantelpiece to add an instant splash of character to a room. Made from the finest quality air-died oak, our oak mantelpieces will immediately lift an otherwise boring fireplace, to a stunning focal point.

  • Simple to install

Our oak mantelpieces come ready to install in your home. As the fittings are not visible once the beam is attached to the wall, it will look like your mantel is floating above your fireplace.

  • An oak mantelpiece doesn’t take up space on your hearth

An oak fireplace surround will “sit” on your hearth, whereas an oak mantelpiece will just “float” above your fireplace opening. If space is tight, an oak mantelpiece is the ideal choice, as it won’t take up any of your floor space.

Fireplace surround pros
  • A wonderful fireplace feature

There’s no denying that a fireplace surround will frame your fireplace and make it into a beautiful feature. If you want your eye drawn straight to your fireplace when you enter into your front room, a fireplace surround is the way to go.

  • Even more character

Our hand-crafted fireplace surrounds are the ideal way to add more of that natural-oak character into your living space. Instead of just one piece of oak that you get with an oak mantelpiece, a full surround is made up of three pieces of solid oak.

  • A frame to show off other materials

If your chimney is made from a material you’d really like to draw the eye to, like red brick or natural stone, a full surround does the job wonderfully well. The three sides of the surround act like a picture frame, making a focal point of not only the surround itself, but also the material next to it.

It all comes down to personal taste

When it comes to choosing between an oak mantelpiece or a full surround, there is no right answer; it all comes down to what you like the look of best.

Find your oak mantelpiece or fireplace surround at Traditional Beams

Our oak mantelpieces and our full surrounds come in a range of different colours and styles, so you’re sure to find something to suit your style.

Of course, if you need help choosing or have any questions about anything in our range, get in touch to speak to one of our team.