Must have man cave ideas you can't live without

Rebecca Hurst

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If lockdown after lockdown has left you longing for a space to call your own away from the rest of your family, making your own man cave may be the perfect solution.

This should be a place you can relax and indulge in your hobbies. Even though your man cave will probably be in a shed or a garage, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Best of all, because it’s your space, your imagination is the only limit! We’ll reveal how to create a man cave that will make your friends green with envy, with our top design ideas.


What is the purpose of your man cave?

This will largely dictate how you use the space. If you want somewhere you can embark on a new hobby like woodwork or welding, the majority of your man cave is going to be functional with a smaller space to chill out and relax with your mates at the end of the day.

If, on the other hand, you simply want somewhere you can spend time with your friends when they come over, you’re going to want to focus on making the space comfortable and welcoming with some form of entertainment.

Top tip: Ask an electrician whether it’s possible to get electricity to your man cave for lighting and music.

Come up with a theme

A theme can help you to focus on a particular concept and create a coherent design that will transform any space, whether you have a large room in your basement (lucky you!) or a smaller garden shed.

Whether it’s sports, music, beer or an American speakeasy, choose a theme that makes you happy. After all, you’re creating a man cave for you!

Top tip: Go for a theme that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you open the door.


Make a bar in your man cave

Having a space where you can chill out with your friends and have a drink at the end of a long day is a must-have element in most man caves.

Using an oak worktop to create a bar to serve your beers from not only looks great, it’s also long-lasting and will add a natural element to help make your man cave feel warm and cosy. Plus, you’re going to want a drinks fridge to keep your beers in and this will slot nicely under your oak worktop.

Top tip: Make your bar base from old wooden pallets to save cash.

Remember to plan in storage

To make sure you get the most out of your space, you’re going to want to make it multi-purpose. This means having storage you can use to put away your DIY projects, for example, when your friends come round for a drink.

Oak floating shelves are a great way to make use of wall space to create stylish and practical storage. Add hooks underneath for bonus storage space.

Top tip: If the door to your man cave is in the house, make it into a hidden door using an oversized framed poster of your favourite film.

If we have inspired you to create your very own man cave, send us in photos of your finished project. We’d love to see what you’ve done!