Mastering rustic wooden shelves in a modern interior

Freddie Armstrong

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Just because you have a modern home or have decided to go with a more modern style in your living space, doesn’t mean you should steer clear of rustic shelves. In fact, quite the contrary. Adding rustic wooden shelves to a modern interior can enable you to create a room that really stands out.

Let your home lead you

If you live in a more modern house, you’re likely going to style your home to fit with its architecture. As a whole, complementing rather than fighting against a building’s architecture, will result in a more pleasing finish. Going for a shabby-chic theme in a new-build, for example, could make the whole space feel conflicted.

This doesn’t mean that you have to feel restricted by the building you’re living in. And it doesn’t mean you should forget your own personal style. Adding elements of ‘old’ to a new-build house, such as rustic wooden shelves, can help you to create a unique space which is much more ‘3D’ than a contemporary style alone.

On a really simple level, our rustic shelves with metal brackets are a great example of how something rustic can look amazing with a more industrial-style feature.

Go for practicality and style

As well as being beautiful, your home has to work for you and your lifestyle. Blending both modern and rustic furniture and features, can help to ensure that your home is both amazing to look at and easy to live in.

Rustic shelves are the ideal rustic element to opt for, as they are both practical and stylish. Creating a display of rustic wooden shelves on your wall not only looks stunning, but also serves as extra space to display everything from vases to books.

If you install rustic shelves in your modern kitchen, for example, you could use them to display your plates and glasses. Adding hooks on the bottom, also gives you extra space for your mugs.

Here at Traditional Beams, we also provide rustic floating shelves suitable for plasterboard walls, making them perfect for the more modern home.

Modern interior and rustic shelves: don’t be limited by a single ‘look’

Adding rustic items into a contemporary setting will create an amazing effect which will help your living space stand out. There is no need to be restricted to just one style when shopping for furniture or accessories for your room. Balancing a modern interior with rustic elements, such as rustic shelves, can really make a space sing.

By incorporating rustic elements into your modern home, you can get the best of all worlds. It is much easier to make your space stylish and functional by incorporating different styles.

If we’ve inspired you to add some rustic wooden shelves to your modern home, we’d love to see your pictures. Send us your snaps and you could even be featured in future blogs to help inspire others!