Make The Most Out Of Your Fireplace In The Summer

Amen Sharma

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The Summer weather seems to be sticking around for a long time in the UK. Which is great for us, but not so much for our fireplaces. We highly doubt you’re going to need your fire this summer, so we’ve thought of some ways you can make the most of it.


First things first, you aren’t using your fireplace, so you may as well clean it. We doubt it gets a regular clean, especially as most of the year it is in use!

Give it a thorough clean to bring it back to its full potential in no time at all. Yes, this includes cleaning the chimney or flue if you can!


The fireplace is usually a central piece of anyone’s home, so make it eye-catching. Not the actual unit itself, but it’s surround. This would be a perfect time to install an oak fireplace beam to add that extra touch, then you can decorate on top of it too!

Spruce up the fireplace with some of these ideas:

  • Use coloured logs instead of your standard ones.

Online you can buy different shapes, sizes and colours which are bound to make your fireplace stand out. You could match them to your home decor. These are great for the summer months just for show.

  • Decorate the mantelpiece.

You have your oak beam, now decorate it! Add some flowers in vases or small ornaments that match the decor of your room to add finishing touches.

  • Turn up the heat.

Okay, so you’re probably already hot enough with the weather we’ve been having, but you could still be missing the cosy look your fire brings in the colder months. Why not try adding some candles on the beam or at the base of the fireplace instead. This will create the cosy feel without the scorching temperatures. Just be careful and make sure the candles are supported well and that they’re blown out if they’re going to be left unattended.

  • Add a mirror.

Mirrors complete light up the entire room and make it appear bigger. Putting one above the fireplace will really brighten up your room and add a classy finish. This will look great throughout the whole year.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and now have your fireplace once again as the focal point of your room even in the summer. If you need any assistance on choosing the right traditional oak beam for you then contact us through our website or call us on 01287 348040.