Is Your Garden Summer Ready? An Oak-Framed Gazebo Could Be Just What You Need…

Rebecca Armstrong

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With the sun finally poking its head through the rain clouds, now is the perfect time to get your garden looking gorgeous for the warmer (fingers crossed) summer months ahead.

Summer is the time of year when our gardens become an extension of our indoor living space. An oak-framed gazebo is the perfect place to locate your dining area, as it will give you shade from the midday sun and protect you from the ever-present threat of showers!

Due to increasing demand for quality, oak-framed gazebos that are both practical and stylish, we recently launched our own high-quality oak frame gazebo kits. Make sure you order now to get yours in time for the summer months!

Why choose an oak-framed gazebo kit from Traditional Beams?

Our oak-framed kits are made from the highest quality 100% European green oak, including the rafters and stud work. You can also be confident that the wood for your gazebo kit is coming from a sustainable source, within Europe.

Our kits are also DIY self build oak gazebo kits, meaning that if you are a confident DIY-er, you should be able to easily erect them yourself with a little bit of help from some friends! Otherwise, our oak-framed gazebo kits are very quick and simple to assemble for a builder. (Take a look in the specification tab for each kit, to find out how many people we recommend is needed to help put each kit together.)

What size oak-framed gazebo is best for my garden?

This all depends on two things: how much space you have and what you want to use your oak frame gazebo for.

Our 4.5m x 3m oak-framed gazebo kit is perfect for the larger garden and can easily fit a dining table for 10 people underneath it. It is also perfect for parties, as it makes the ideal area to locate the BBQ and buffet.

If your space is more limited, our 2.4m square oak gazebo kit will comfortably fit a dining table for 4-6 people underneath it.

We would always recommend that you measure the space you have (and your outdoor furniture, if you already have it) and get the oak-framed gazebo which best suits your needs! We have six kits to choose from, so you should easily find one to suit your space.

Where should I put my oak-framed gazebo?

Anywhere! If you want a sheltered dining area close to the house where you can easily carry plates to and from the kitchen, then locate your gazebo nearer to the back door.

If you fancy creating a sheltered area for relaxing and entertaining in a more private space in your garden, or somewhere you want to make the most of the view, for example, then build your oak-framed gazebo there.

Again, take the time to plan and think about what you want to get from your garden and place your oak-framed gazebo in a place that works for how you want to use it.

Oak-framed gazebo style inspiration!

Fairy lights and bunting look stunning weaved around the natural wood of an oak gazebo. If you want to make it look really spectacular for a party, you could weave sets of fairy lights around the legs of your gazebo and make them sparkle all night long.

If you want your oak-framed gazebo kit in time for summer 2021, make sure you place your order soon as delivery slots in time for summer are filling up fast.