How To Decorate Your Oak Fireplace Beam For Christmas

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The cold nights are officially here, and Christmas is just around the corner. One of the best things to do at Christmas is sit by the roaring fire whilst sipping on mulled wine or hot chocolate with marshmallows, better still whilst your oak mantel is gleaming with twinkly lights and festive cheer. If you haven’t decorated your fireplace beam for Christmas yet you have come to the right place.


Your oak beam can take centre stage


Always dreamed of a garland over the fireplace and stockings hung by the fire?

With an oak fireplace beam now is the chance, there are so many garlands available, but if you’re feeling creative you could get most of what you need from a winter walk, think pine cones, winter berries and holly!

Adding winter foliage you find is great way to decorate to a theme (and on a budget) You can use command strips and wire to help secure your decorations in place.

Add some twinkly lights through the garland and you have yourself a festive masterpiece!

Even if your fireplace is unusable, you can still create a festive look by decorating a fireplace mantel. You can even fill the fireplace with logs, fairy lights and sprigs or fill with tall pillar candles for a warming festive vibe.


Here are a few of our favourite themes…


Traditional Nostalgia

You can’t go wrong with a traditional garland. Red berries, lots of greenery and red stockings hung by the fire. Add candy canes for a real nostalgic feel.

There’s something special about traditional decorations, they always seem to bring back memories of a time when we really expected the big jolly man to come down our chimney. 


Frow Home Fireplace Beam

Photo from @frowhome using our Classic Oak Beam in Light.


decorating fireplace

Photo from Pinterest.


Neutral Décor

If you’re looking for a display that’s neutral in colour but a little different, why not add layers of pampas grass, mixed with pine cones and wooden décor. There’s no written rules about what you should and shouldn’t have on your mantel this Christmas, so get creative.

decorating fireplace

Photo from @homeofbex using our classic oak beam.


Minimal and Nordic

Sometimes less is more. If you like a simple look but still want a garland, get a thinner one so you see more of your lovely oak beam, use neutral colours or even do away with a garland and instead display a select few simple white Christmas ornaments for a minimal but elegant Christmas display.


decorating fireplace

Photo from @thegreenbungalow using our Rustic Oak Beam *Aged* in Light.


Nordic Fireplace Beam

Photo from @the_dach_house using our Rustic Oak Beam *Aged* in Light.


Greenery haven

If your mantel is deep enough, an oversized garland which hangs over the beam with blue and white winter berries looks fabulous. Scatter some candles in between to get various height levels throughout your display.

Fireplace Beam Decorated For Christmas

Photo from @house_on_the_way of our Classic Oak Beam in Medium Oak.