Get your fireplace winter ready

Freddie Armstrong

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Get your fireplace winter ready

As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to get your fireplace ready for the colder
winter months that lie ahead. Whether you want to bring your fireplace up to date with a new oak
beam or are considering making the switch from open fire to wood burning stove, we will take a
closer look at exactly what you need to do to get your fireplace winter ready.

Have your chimney swept

Chimney fires can cause serious damage to your home. This is why we’ve put this task at top
place on our getting your fireplace winter ready ‘to do’ list.

Depending on what type of fuel you use, it’s recommended that you get your chimney swept at
least once per year.

In fact, most home insurance providers insist on it. This means that if you don’t get your chimney
swept regularly enough, your insurance company may not pay out to cover the cost of any damage
caused by a chimney fire. Check your home insurance documents for the frequency of sweeping
that your provider specifies.

And it’s not only chimney fires you need to be worried about. Blocked chimneys can cause carbon
monoxide poisoning, too. While we’re on that subject, make sure that your home has working
smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace any batteries that have run out of charge.

Invest in an oak fireplace mantel

Natural materials, such as oak beams, work wonderfully to add a little warmth to your home. Not
only does an oak fireplace beam look great, it also makes the perfect place to display family photos
or seasonal decorations.

Here at Traditional Beams, we offer a wide range of different oak beams, from rustic to classic, so
you will be sure to find one that fits perfectly with your home.

Plus, if you buy a stove from us, we will give you a free fireplace beam. All you have to do is enter
the code ‘FREEBEAM’.

Consider swapping an open fire for a wood burning stove

Wood burning stoves offer a multitude of benefits, including improved efficiency and less smoke
and fumes leaking into your home. Plus, they are safer and you can even cook your dinner on

Make sure you buy seasoned wood

Only seasoned wood should be burned on wood burning stoves. Non-seasoned wood can produce
higher levels of creosote when it burns, which can build up in your chimney and could ultimately
cause a chimney fire.

As we head further into the autumn, wood suppliers will become busier and busier, meaning that
you could face a long wait for your fuel. Order your wood now, so that you have it ready ahead of

Got any questions about our oak fireplace beams or stoves?

Get in touch with us today and fire away (like what we did there?).