Genius Ways To Use Floating Shelves

Freddie Armstrong

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There’s no need to choose between style and substance when it comes to floating shelves, as not only do they look good, they’re a really practical addition to any room. And when it comes to where to put these fantastic floating features and what to use them for, your imagination is the only limit…

Bring the outdoors in with a floating garden

A little bit of greenery can cheer up any space. A lot of greenery can make you feel as if you’re constantly chilling in the garden on a summer’s day, even when you’re just watching Eastenders from your sofa and it’s dark outside.

Floating shelves filled with different types of house plants look fantastic against a bright white wall. Think cacti, spider plants and even a few heat-loving herbs, like basil and lemongrass. For a pop of colour, chillis are both beautiful and delicious.

The backlit bar

Who doesn’t dream of having a bar in their home? A space to store all of those random rums and weird whiskies you picked up on your last trip abroad is always useful.

Install your floating shelves, add some LED lights at the back and decorate with bottles of booze. And there you have it, a wonderfully stylish backlit bar.

It’s not just about what’s on your floating shelves

Adding items to your floating shelves is only half the story. Hanging things above them can help to create a feeling of depth and is a great way to be more creative about what you do in the section of the room where you install your shelves.

If you’ve put some plants on your floating shelves, you could add a few fake butterflies and bees. Alternatively, if you’re feeling extra arty, you could even paint them on the wall.

If insects aren’t your thing, try hanging a little bunting or a small portrait. Even something small can make a big difference to how the space feels.

Use blackboard paint behind your floating shelves

This works particularly well in a kitchen or dining area. Decide where you’re going to install your shelves and measure out a rectangle (or any shape you want) a little bigger than them. Paint the wall with blackboard paint, then install your floating shelves.

Use chalk to write ‘coffee & tea’ or something similar on your blackboard wall.

Add hooks, cups, stacks of saucers and jars of coffee and tea. A little pile of baking books also looks good.

If you want to change what you’ve written or add a few more words of wisdom, no problem. Just rub it out and start again!

Take your oak floating shelves to another level…

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative with your shelving!

Here at Traditional Beams, we sell a range of floating shelves to suit any space. Just get in touch if you need advice about which ones to pick.