3 reasons why every home needs floating shelves

Freddie Armstrong

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Making a house a home is about much more than just furniture and decoration. However, making sure that your house is meeting the needs of you and your family is 90% of the battle. Creating a space that you look forward to getting back to after a long day at work is simple when you know how. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why oak floating shelves should be a part of every home.

1) Oak floating shelves are a great way to declutter

Pictures frames, ornaments, candles…many of us struggle to find the surface space to display our stuff.

Adding another surface in the form of a table or a dresser is impractical in many modern-day homes, where space is at a premium.

Oak floating shelves are the perfect place to display those family photos or much-loved trinkets.

Using wall space is a great way to declutter your room and add a point of interest on your walls, at the same time.

Which brings us neatly to our second point…

2) Use floating shelves to create a display

Many of us hang up pictures or paintings on our walls to create interest in our rooms.

Why not use oak floating shelves to create a personalised piece of 3D art on your wall? For a more simple display, you could opt for two shelves installed one on top of the other, with a gap suited to what you’re going to put on them. Something as simple as a small stack of books, a houseplant and a few random knick-knacks will look great in any home.

If you’re feeling braver, you could dedicate a whole wall to oak floating shelves. Install them so they’re not in line with each other, to create a more random-looking design. Add anything from photos to books to vases filled with painted twigs. To create a more contemporary look, you could stick with just, for example, black and white family photos.

3) Create extra kitchen space with oak floating shelves

No matter what size kitchen we have, it seems it’s always a struggle to fit everything into our cupboards. Taking up what is already limited worktop space with ‘stuff’, is often not an option. Utilising wall space may be the answer.

Everything from stacks of plates to upturned glasses look really good on floating shelves. And you’re freeing up cupboard space for those less aesthetically pleasing items at the same time. Win win.

In order to really maximise your floating shelf space, you could install hooks on the underside to hang your mugs.

Pick a style of floating shelf to suit your room. A rustic floating shelf, for example, looks great in a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Transform your home with oak floating shelves. Take a look at our range today.