How to dress your fireplace for spring

Freddie Armstrong

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How to dress your fireplace for spring

With the green stems of daffodils just beginning to poke through the softening soil, it seems that spring is finally upon us. Now is the time when many people start to turn away from the warmth of their fireplace and look towards the outdoors to enjoy that first flush of colour, that is so wonderful at this time of year.

But dressing your fireplace for spring is a great opportunity to bring some of those wonderful colours into your home, on to a space that is, for many, the focal point of their room.

And for those of us who have oak fireplace beams, the new season is an opportunity to make our oak beams a magnificent spring centrepiece.

Paint your logs

Fireplaces can often look neglected as the weather warms up and we have little use for them. Cheer up any fireplace by painting a few logs and placing them in your stove or fireplace opening – you’ll be amazed how effective this can be in bringing some cheer into your room.

You can stick with the pastel tones for a delicate effect or if you’re feeling extra brave, use bright colours to give your room a modern feel. And the best thing is, when the season is over, they’re easy to remove and replace!

Spring flowers

It may seem predictable but adding spring flowers onto your mantelpiece in a glass vase, can really brighten up your fireplace.

Daffodils are the obvious choice and do look great but a few bright white tulips can also look lovely if your fireplace and its surrounds are more modern.

Not a fan of having to constantly pick or buy new flowers every week or so, or worried they’ll get knocked over? Fake flowers are easy to maintain and the difference is barely noticeable, until you get really close. Best of all, you can store them away once it turns cold again, ready to dust off for next year.

Try Easter decorations

Seeing the yellow shock of daffodils means that Easter is coming. Just as you decorate your mantel for Christmas, why not give Easter decorations a go?

Adding painted eggs in pastel shades, with pots of miniature daffodils and maybe even the odd rabbit figurine, looks great on top of any mantel but especially glorious when balanced on a rustic oak beam.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even try to weave a bird’s nest by using straw, vines or willow fronds – anything flexible enough will do – then placing your pastel eggs inside it.

Making over your fireplace for spring is a great way to cheer up a room and to ready your home for the Easter celebrations that are just around the corner.

Ensure your fireplace takes its deserved place as the focal point all year round, by dressing it for the seasons. After all, a fireplace isn’t just for Christmas.

Have we inspired you to dress your fireplace for the spring? Why not share your pictures with us via our Facebook page – we’d love to see them!