Decorating Your Home For Halloween

Rebecca Armstrong

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Want to get in the spirit (pardon the pun) of Halloween without making your home look like an actual haunted house?

We think that Halloween can be made to be a cosy autumn even with a few scary-ish accessories to nail the theme without covering your house with tat.

Below we’re putting together a few ideas to decorate your fireplace ready for whether you’re having a Halloween party or spending the night in answering the door to trick or treaters!


The best way to get a great combination of cosy and creepy is with lots and lots of candles, and we mean LOTS. Put different sized white, orange and black candles around your fireplace to light up the room. Cover the edges of the room with more candles, however, we recommend getting some fake ones for this as we don’t want any fires!

Get your candles in gorgeous autumnal scents to make it more homely.


You can’t celebrate Halloween and not have a pumpkin!

Make it a family activity and have a pumpkin each that you can carve and see who can make theirs the scariest! Then put all of them around your home and fireplace to decorate. Place one outside your front door so people know you’re celebrating!


Create a Halloween themed garland to get the theme in your house. Get a bunch of fake autumnal coloured leaves, some little fake pumpkins, skeletons and spiders and then lace it with cobweb material to keep it classy but on point. Then hang it outside your house so passers-by and guests can see you’re getting into the spirit of things!


Again, if you don’t want to completely cover your house in decorations that are going to be messy and tough to take down the next day, then keeping it minimal is key. A great idea is to get some Halloween themed bunting draped across your fireplace or across your walls as a quick, clean and easy way to fill the place with decorations.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for decorating your home this Halloween!