Decorate your fireplace for summer

Freddie Armstrong

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Summer is blooming, with the warmth coming into your home, it’s time to shut off your fire and settle in for summer. Decorating your fireplace often draws attention to the focal aspect of your home, to be enjoyed throughout the warm days of summer.

Rustic shelves

Install some floating rustic shelves asymmetrically above your mantel piece then decorate with all your summer essentials. A deep rustic shelf will contrast beautifully with bright summer colours, whilst enhancing the size of the room. Mounting the shelves in an asymmetric pattern creates the feeling of effortless shabby-chic. Combining different sized and textured objects that contrast the shelves will help tie the look together.

Bright colours

A dark rustic shelf works well with all backdrops and with simple decoration, it can complement every season and atmosphere. Whether you have grey or white walls, you can create a pop of colour with bright pink, orange and yellow flowers, held within simple white or clear-glass vases.

Artificial flowers are easy to maintain and also cost effective. You can now find good quality replicas which are difficult to notice the difference. This investment will also enable you to store them for years to come, allowing you to switch up your style every season for a fraction of the cost. However, if you choose to use fresh flowers, we recommend going with seasonally bloomed flowers such as sunflowers and hibiscuses for summer or tulips for autumn. These flowers will also introduce a fresh, fragrant smell into your home.


A fireplace can be the focal point within many homes during the winter, but it is often an unutilised space during the warmer months. We decorate our homes to celebrate seasonal holidays. With no public holidays occurring in the summer, you can still decorate with your summer essentials.

During the winter, candles act as a decorative feature and a smooth light. For the summer, you can replace these with a string of fairy lights across your mantel piece. Cool lights will complement the rustic shelves and bright colours. Stack your summer reads and then place a vase on top to finish it off. Other decorations you could utilise include your camera, mirrors and photo frames displaying your summer memories.

Dress around the fireplace

As well as installing rustic, floating shelves above the mantel. You can also decorate around it by introducing tall, green plants on either side. This will complement the rustic oak shelves as well as the wood from the mantel. Tying all elements together will create a more complete vibe.

This is just a handful of ways you could utilise the area above your fireplace to decorate for summer, which is extremely versatile so you can have them all year round. If you are feeling inspired and looking to renew the focal aspect of your home, we have a wide range of products from rustic floating shelves to oak mantel pieces.