Create A Home Office Space With Rustic Oak Shelves

Freddie Armstrong

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With many of us now working from home for the foreseeable future, making a home office where you can work comfortably and productively has never been more important. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house that you can use as an office, or just a space in the dining room or kitchen you can adapt for home working, we’ll explain why no home office space should be without a few rustic oak shelves.

Rustic oak shelves make the perfect floating storage space

Wherever your office space is in your house, it’s likely that you’ll be struggling to find storage space for all of the equipment and files you now need to store at home.

Installing shelves on your wall is a great way of making use of what is otherwise unusable vertical space.

Plus, if you add an oak shelf or two above your work space, you’ll easily be able to reach up and get what you need without leaving your desk. And as our rustic shelves are now available for plasterboard walls, there’s no excuse not to have one in your work space.

Use oak shelves to add a touch of greenery to your office

Making your working environment as welcoming and comfortable as possible is important if you’re going to be in there 40-odd hours per week.

Adding a few house plants to a shelf, in-between your folders and books, can help to lift a room – and your mood.

Use oak shelves to free-up surface space on your desk

There’s nothing worse than trying to work on a desk cluttered with pots of pens and pads of paper. As well as there being a distinct lack of space for your hourly cup of tea, being surrounded by clutter can make it difficult to concentrate.

Installing a shelf or two can give you somewhere to neatly arrange all that clutter, so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in ‘stuff’ when you’re trying to work.

Tidying your work away at the end of the day is essential for your mental wellbeing…

When you’re working from home, there’s no longer any physical distance between your home and your work. This means you have to make the extra effort to separate your work and personal life.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to tidy away all of your work stuff at the end of the day. This is especially important if you’re working in, for example, your living room or kitchen, where you will be able to see your work area for the rest of the evening. Add a few baskets to your rustic oak shelf and put away your laptop and papers when you finish work. Out of sight, out of mind.

Create a feature wall using our new rustic shelves with steel brackets

Available for both solid and plasterboard walls, our new rustic shelves with steel brackets make the perfect statement piece for your home office.

If you need any advice about which shelf would suit your space, get in touch to speak to us today!