Choosing The Size Of Your Oak Beam

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What size beam should I buy is a question we hear a lot.

When choosing an Oak Beam for your fireplace (or for anywhere else in your home) you're faced with the tough decision or choosing a size.

The great thing is... there is no wrong answer and the size of your chosen oak beam is completely personal preference so down to what looks aesthetically pleasing to you.



The length can often be the easiest thing to decide on. Some people like their oak beam to be the full width of their fireplace whilst others like to match the length with the width of their hearth or even their TV so there's a bit more symmetry to the space. Personally we prefer the look of a beam coming in a good few inches from the end of the chimney breast, inline with hearth, but this isn't always the best option and of course not everyone has a chimney breast or a hearth to match too. It completely depends on how the room looks. 

We can do bespoke lengths so if you're stuck between 2 options of oak beam sizes, we will be happy to create a bespoke length for you.


Section size = Height x Depth


The Height of the oak beam is the face which you see looking at it when hung on the wall. Our most popular size is 14cm but again this comes down to what you find more aesthetically pleasing. Some people prefer a skinny looking beam and some want something really chunky.

We often find that larger openings can take larger oak beams. If you have a much smaller opening than average, a large beam for example like 19cm high can look overpowering. And if you have a really large opening you may find a beam that is only 11cm high can make it appear tiny and doesn't quite give you the wow factor you imagined.




The depth is how far it protrudes from the wall. There are a couple more things to consider when choosing the depth of your oak beam, such as what you would like to put on the oak beam and the fixing method. If you have a beam in mind that can carry a Christmas garland and candles etc, then you may find 14cm or 12.5cm a good option for depth.  However if you're not bothered about putting anything on top but would like the beam to appear as if it is coming out from the wall you may want to go smaller. Our 3.5cm deep beam give the illusion that the beam is inset into the wall. If you have some decor in mind you are set on then it's quite nice to measure these to ensure the depth chosen can take the decor in mind.

It's also good to note that the bigger the beam the heavier it is. So if you are fitting to a wall which doenst have a much strength you may need to opt for a smaller size.

If you are fitting to plasterboard wall we would always suggest to go for a beam which is 9cm or less so that it comes with keyhole fixings. This will ensure you can pair the keyhole fixings which are pre machined into the beam with some plasterboard specific screws and wall plugs.


Starting Point...

A good starting point is finding photos you like the look of and trying to create something similar. Pinterest and Instagram is full of ideas and inspiration you can use. 

If you see something you like but unsure what they have used, feel free to send the photo to us and we will help you create that look!

If when you receive your oak beam you feel it doesn't quite work with the space, we will be happy to offer a replacement (providing no bespoke size requests have been made). 

We hope this helps you choose the oak beam of your dreams! If you are ready to choose a size you can shop oak beams here.