Celebrate Pancake Day With Some New Rustic Wood Shelves For Your Kitchen

Freddie Armstrong

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Who doesn’t love spending Shrove Tuesday flipping piles of tasty pancakes, ready to slather in your favourite topping as a tasty Pancake Day dessert (lemon and sugar for main course, chocolate spread for pudding, anyone?)? And if you’re going to be spending so much time in your kitchen next Tuesday, it’s the perfect time to work out where you’re going to put your rustic wood shelves…

Declutter your surfaces with our rustic wooden shelves

We all have way too much stuff in our kitchens. From the piles of plates that are only used once a week when the whole family come over, to the ‘must-have’ gadget sitting on your worktop that you bought three years ago and have used only a handful of times since, many of us barely have 50cm of surface space to prepare our meals on.

Installing rustic wood shelves in your kitchen is a genius way to utilise normally unusable wall space and free up some of your work benches for the important task of pancake making.

Create a Pancake Day display on your wood shelves

Making little seasonal tweaks to your living space can help to make your home feel special and cared for. Floating wooden shelves in your kitchen are the perfect place for a Pancake Day-inspired display. Think little bowls of eggs, piles of lemons and jars of flour and sugar. Add a mixing bowl, plus a chalk board describing the variety of toppings you’re intending on offering.

Make up the display a day or two in advance, to get your family’s tastebuds drooling.

Use rustic wood shelves to stop duplicate purchases

We’ve all come back from the supermarket to find that we already had another two unopened packets of the same flour, squashed at the back of one of our kitchen cupboards.

Add your store cupboard ingredients to Kilner jars and place them on your rustic wooden shelves to create an eye-catching display. Not only will it look great, you’ll also be able to see exactly how much you have of each ingredient, so you won’t waste money bulk buying products you don’t use a lot of.

The same goes for your herbs and spices. Buy mini Kilner jars, fill with your chosen herbs, label, then place on your floating wooden shelves.

Wood shelves make a great alternative to kitchen cupboards

If your old kitchen is looking tired and you’re considering installing a new one, why not go for wood shelves instead of cupboards? They are not only practical from a ‘seeing exactly what you’ve got’ point of view, but they also help to make a kitchen feel much lighter and brighter compared to traditional wall units.

Have we inspired you to install some rustic wooden floating shelves in your kitchen? Send us some pics when you’ve put them up – we’re always interested to see how our customers use them in their homes!

Oh, and happy pancake munching…