Add value to your house using oak

Amen Sharma

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There’s a reason that oak has been used throughout the ages in places of grandeur. It is a rich, long lasting and effortlessly classy wood that simply exudes a highly desirable exuberance. It also looks good. The natural beauty of the product lends its organic marbling to whatever function it’s turned. However, it is the natural strength and durability that makes oak a cut above the rest. At Traditional Beams we provide a quality-assured product, whether you’re building an oak frame extension and replacing a roof to simply adding an oak beam fireplace, the warm, natural tones of wood will enhance any home – be it period or modern.

If you own an older property, the chances are that it has gone through some renovation previously. This could include anything from a garden restoration to a new ceiling. Character properties can sometimes be 150 years old or more, it stands to reason that whilst they might have once possessed character, the true identity of the property may have been lost over the years through the process of renovation. One way to remedy this is to incorporate oak into the design. Older properties would have used oak for a range of reasons, including that most oak offers a unique and rustic feel as well as extreme durability. At Traditional Beams, we source and import timber ourselves, maintaining control of the entire process. This allows us to obtain excellent quality timber and ensure it is milled from sustainable, managed woodland.

For interior design, wood has been a long-standing addition to homes internationally. This is not only because of its grains, colours and textures but also because it can add a little warmth and character to our homes too. However, you don’t have to completely deck out your home to achieve great results with oak furniture, as adding small accent piece of wood throughout your home can be just as effective in adding a little extra warmth and character to your decor.

Wooden floors can be a sleek addition to your home and can add a little luxury to any room. Not only that, but they have plenty of practical benefits too. Firstly, wooden floors can add a great deal of warmth and character to any room in your house. In comparison to other hard-wearing flooring types like tiles, they feel much warmer underfoot and they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain. With quality hardwoods, and the proper care they will also be durable enough to last a lifetime.
Give your living room a focal point by adding an oak beam over the fireplace. Whether you have a large or a small fireplace with a wood-burning stove, oak will instantly make the room more inviting to potential buyers and provide character year after year.

The use of oak in the home doesn’t have to stop at fireplaces, roofing, wooden flooring and furniture. You can also add interesting focal points within your home design with wooden accessories, ornaments or wall hangings. For example, a stunning oak mirror for the lounge is a brilliant accent piece. It works well to enhance natural light, space and warmth at the same time. The exterior says just as much about the property as the interior does. If you really want to renovate a property that offers consistency of character, oak can be used both indoors and outdoors. From design and planning to supply, construction and after-sales support, at Traditional Beams we are delighted to offer any assistance we can to help you add value to your home using oak.