5 ways to add character to your home with our rustic oak beams and more

Freddie Armstrong

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If you’re looking for easy ways to add character to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Rustic oak beams are a quick, simple and relatively low-cost way to give your home a little je ne sais quoi.

1. Aged rustic oak beams look fantastic above a fireplace

Our aged rustic oak beams are one of our bestsellers – and for good reason. The oak’s time-worn appearance, with its textured surfaces and distressed edges, creates the impression that the beam has been in your home for hundreds of years.

Adding an aged oak beam to your fireplace adds an instant injection of character. What’s more, as our rustic oak beams come with concealed brackets, they’re easy and quick to install. Plus, as you’re investing in oak, you won’t be compromising on quality. You can rest safe in the knowledge that even though your rustic oak beam hasn’t been in your home for hundreds of years, it may well be there for centuries to come!

2. Add a little bit of history to your home with our reclaimed rustic oak beams

Oak is so tough and hardwearing that it can last for many, many years. A reclaimed oak beam is the perfect way to repurpose a piece of oak and add heaps of character to your house at the same time.

When we select our reclaimed rustic oak beams, we look for timber that is brimming with character. Every crack and open knot tells a story and adds another element of interest to your room.

3. A rustic oak beam surround is a great alternative

If you’re looking for a whole fire surround, rather than a beam, a rustic oak beam surround will add loads of character to your fireplace.

We hand select every piece of air-dried oak, before transforming them in our workshop, making sure to give the surround the rustic quality that looks amazing in both modern and traditional homes.

4. All of our rustic oak beams can be finished in a range of colours

If you’re looking to add character to a modern, white room, our Jacobean finish creates a wonderful contrast. If you want your beam to blend in a bit more, you could go for a Light or Medium Oak finish to complete the look.

Alternatively, a Pale Grey finish is a great way to add a ‘shabby chic’ feel to your room.

If you already have a lot of dark wood, you could even go for our White finish to make your oak beam really stand out.

5. Rustic oak beams work well in modern and traditional spaces

Whether you want to add to the character of a more traditional home or create an eye-catching contrast in a really modern room, rustic oak beams are the ideal addition to any home.

Spoilt for choice? Get in touch for advice about which rustic oak beam finish would suit your space.