5 reasons why you need a wood burning stove

Amen Sharma

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With spring just around the corner (we hope), it may seem odd to be thinking about wood burning stoves and oak fireplace beams.

Actually, if you are toying with the idea of installing a wood burning stove to add some warmth and cosiness to your home during the next long, cold British winter, now is the best time to start making plans.

With many wood burning stove installers heading towards a time of year when the demand for their services isn’t so high, you may not have to wait too long for your wood burner to be installed. Plus, as we’ll discuss in our next blog, installing your oak mantel and wood burning stove now, will provide the perfect backdrop for your spring-themed fireplace decorations.

But why do you need a wood burning stove at all?

1. No need to rely solely on electricity/gas suppliers to heat your home

Power cuts during the winter months are especially frustrating, as they can mean that we have to sit in a cold, dark house.

A wood burning stove can provide a lot of warmth and a little light and can even serve to make a power cut fun. You could even try to cook your dinner on a wood burner!

Wood burning stoves that heat your water for you, are also an option for those looking for even more independence.

For those of us who do not want to be at the mercy of gas and electricity companies when it comes to keeping our homes warm, the wood burning stove provides the perfect solution.

2. Save on your heating bills – heat only the room you are using

Heating your home with a wood burning stove can reduce your gas or electricity bills (depending on how you currently heat your home).

Some estimate that a wood burner could cut fuel bills by up to 30%.

Plus, you can heat only the room you are sitting in and keep the rest of the house relatively cool.

3. Nothing beats a real fire for a feeling of warmth and cosiness

Just looking at the flames flickering inside a wood burner makes us feel cosy and warm.

Wood burning stoves are perfect for snuggling up in front of, on a cold winter’s night. And they take romantic nights in, to a whole new level of loveliness.

4. Having a pile of wood outside your home can be surprisingly satisfying

This one may sound strange but take our word for it – there is nothing more satisfying than getting a wood delivery and then stacking it into neat piles. Maybe it is the cave person in us but it does make us feel like we are really prepared for whatever the winter chucks at us.

5. Wood is regarded by some as a carbon-neutral fuel

Wood from a sustainable source is regarded by many as a carbon-neutral fuel. This is because a tree absorbs as much CO2 when it grows as it releases when it burns. Wood can also be renewable. As long as new trees are planted and the wood is used at a sustainable rate, then the cycle carries on like this.

If you are thinking of buying a wood burning stove, an oak fireplace beam can make the perfect addition to your fireplace. Get in touch if you have any questions.