5 Reasons to Choose Floating Oak Shelves

Freddie Armstrong

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For those of you that know and love oak, you will no doubt already understand how popular it is and why. For starters, it has many uses, it can be used for furniture, building structures and to make fires. The tree itself has a number of unexpected uses too.

When speaking strictly about oak beams however, there are several uses here too. Oak beams can be used for structural purposes, fireplaces, flooring, furniture and shelves.

Below, we investigate the reasons why oaks beams make the perfect floating shelves and the reasons behind why they should be considered when you are looking to upgrade/enhance your home.

What’s So Great About Floating Oak Shelves?

If you are looking for new shelving, oak is one of the many options available to you. Metal, plastic, rubber-coated, glass and other wood types are all popular, but oak has to be somewhere near the top of the list, if not right at the top.

When used as a shelf, oak is brilliant, but as a floating shelf, oak is even more magnificent still.

Continue reading and learn the top 5 reasons why floating oak shelves should be on your shopping list.

#1 They Float!

The best thing about floating oak shelves? They float, of course.

Some shelves are not nice to look at, let’s face it. Brackets will often mean that the design of the shelf is compromised, also limiting the places where you can actually put the shelves. Not only do you have to cater for the shelf, you need to allow space for the brackets too.

With floating oak shelves however, you don’t face so many problems. Once installed, they will seemingly float in mid-air, providing you with somewhere to place your prized positions.

#2 They’re Easy to Install

Speaking of installation, floating shelves really aren’t difficult to put up. Following these 8 simple steps will stand you in good stead.

Even if you have little DIY experience, you should be able to put a floating shelf up with minimum fuss. If you aren’t sure of your own abilities, ask a friend or relative with experience.

#3 They’re Easy to Maintain

Floating oak shelves require little maintenance. With a range of waxes, polishes and varnishes available, you can keep on top of things and make sure your floating oak shelves look as good as they should, all year round.

#4 They’re Perfect for Traditional & Contemporary Homes

Oak really has no limits. In fact, wood in general is pretty limitless.

When used as a furnishing or decoration, oak is extremely versatile. It can be used it the traditional and contemporary home to create a range of looks, helping you to achieve the theme you are going for.

Oak compliments many different styles and is truly great for making a versatile feature piece in any home. A floating oak shelf doesn’t need to blend in when it can stand out and be a feature on its own.

#5 Display Ornaments, Books and more…

One of the most common purposes for any type of floating shelf is to display ornament, books and other homeware items on. The sturdiness of the oak and the fixings means you don’t need to worry about the weight of the items that are being stored on the shelf.

Antiques or rustic ornaments can really make a classic shelf made from natural oak stand out. Its simple look combines well with many different types of ornaments.

Storage can be an issue in many properties, especially in country properties or small cottages. Having oak floating shelves dotted around your home can give you that much needed extra storage space for your homewares or items that are important to you.

Investing in an oak style shelf can enhance the look of any home.

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So there we have it – the top 5 reasons why floating oak shelves are so marvellous and why you should choose them.

If you are looking to purchase new shelving for your home, browse through our range of floating oak shelves online and take your pick from the range of products we have available. Some items are in the sale so be sure to check them out!