5 Reasons Why You Need An Oak Fireplace Beam

Amen Sharma

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It’s been a chilly start to October a reminder to us all that the cold winter months are just around the corner.

Due to the colder-than-average conditions, many of us will have performed the first-fire-of-the-season ritual much earlier than normal this year. There’s nothing more comforting than lighting our log burners or open fires, as the nights draw in outside.

However, if you feel that your fireplace is lacking a little something, an oak beam could be just the ticket.

Here’s why we think an oak beam is essential for every fireplace:

1) Oak beams ‘warm up’ a room

OK, so maybe we’re a little biased, but we think an oak beam will instantly make any fireplace look better.

Oak beams can be finished to suit all fire surrounds, so you’ll find one you love, whether your taste is more modern or traditional. There’s no denying that warm, homely feeling that comes with having natural wood in a room and an oak fireplace beam is a great way to inject this cosiness with minimum effort.

2) Oak is long-lasting

Oak is a hardwood, known for being tough and durable. Many people opt for oak beams when building their own home, mainly because it is renowned for lasting a long, long time.

Oak is even used to build some types of boats.

So, if you invest in an oak fireplace beam, you can be sure it will be with you for many years to come.

3) Oak could add value to your home

Having a house with period features, such as oak fireplace beams, could make your home worth more.

According to a survey by English Heritage, 82% of estate agents thought that period features tend to add value to a house and 78% thought that these features would help a property to sell more quickly.

Even if you are not thinking of selling right now, it’s always nice to know that you are investing in features to make a home that others could love as much as you do.

4) Use an oak beam to de-clutter your home

Having too much clutter on surfaces can make rooms look crowded. An oak beam above your fireplace gives you a display shelf to show off those little family pictures or candle holders, without cluttering up your coffee table.

5) Oak beams are great for Christmas

It may be a little too early to say the ‘C’ word but we couldn’t do a piece about oak beams without mentioning how great they look with some fake (or real!) foliage on top.

There’s nothing more festive than dressing an oak beam for Christmas, then enjoying a nice glass of mulled wine in front of the fire, admiring your work.

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