3 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs An Oak Mantelpiece

Freddie Armstrong

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Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, a large kitchen-diner or a smaller space, an oak mantelpiece is a great addition to almost any room.

An oak mantelpiece provides the perfect focal point

If a room doesn’t have a focal point, it can feel empty and lacking in character. An oak mantelpiece is a really quick and simple way to make a statement and inject a little character into your kitchen.

Many kitchens, especially in older houses, have old, closed-up fireplaces which people often incorporate into their kitchen design by adding a cooker into the recess of the chimney breast. An oak mantelpiece installed on the chimney breast, above your cooker, creates a focal point in the room and adds back the character which is often lost when old chimneys are closed up

Oak mantelpieces are the ideal surface to create a stylish display

Pick items which go with the theme in the rest of your kitchen and place them on top of your mantelpiece to draw the eye to the area.

Everything from a clock and candles to vintage plates and fake flowers, look great on top of an oak mantelpiece. You could even install hooks underneath to hang your kitchen utensils, so they’re within easy reach while you’re cooking.

If you would like to add a little bit of seasonal sparkle to your kitchen, an oak mantel is the ideal place to create a seasonal display. In the summer, hang some bunting along your beam to give your kitchen a fun, garden-party vibe. In autumn, you could decorate your mantelpiece with decorative gourds and burnt-orange coloured candles. Your imagination is the only limit!

Oak improves with age

Like a fine wine, oak just keeps getting better and better as time goes by. As your oak mantelpiece ages, its colour should get richer and it will become even more attractive. What else in your kitchen can make that claim?

Plus, as oak is a hardwood, your mantelpiece will last a long, long time. So you shouldn’t ever have to buy a new one.

Pick the beam to suit your kitchen

Traditional Beams sells oak fireplace mantels to suit every home. If your kitchen is more traditional, our Aged Oak Mantelpiece would be the perfect choice. With its distressed edges and textured surfaces, it will look as if it has been in your home for centuries.

If you’re after a more contemporary look, our Classic Oak Mantelpiece could be just what you’re after.

We also offer a Rustic Oak Mantel with Corbels if you want create a really striking focal point in your kitchen.

Have we inspired you to install an oak mantelpiece in your kitchen? Send us some pictures – we’d love to see what you’ve done.