3 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Season To Buy A Wood Burner

Rebecca Armstrong

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Buying a wood burning stove when we’re within touching distance of summer, may seem a little strange.

But there are some very good reasons why summer is actually the best time to buy a wood burning stove. Here are just a few of them:

1) Waiting times for wood burning stoves are generally shorter in the summer

When the sun is shining and we’re barbecuing in the garden, the cold days of winter can seem a long way away.

A cozy log burning stove to snuggle up in front of during the dark, cold winter nights, is not what most of us are thinking about. But this is exactly what makes now the right time to be buying and installing your wood burning stove.

For installers and sellers of wood burning stoves, the summer months can often be their most quiet time.

This means that the stove that you want is more likely to be in stock and you shouldn’t have to wait many weeks (or in some cases months) for your wood burning stove to be installed. You may even find that there could be discounts available at this time of year, on both the installation and the cost of your stove.

Wait until the autumn when the nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air and you could find yourself in a long queue to have your stove to installed. 

2) Work carried out during better weather = less mess

Installing a new stove and flue involves your installers spending time both inside and outside of your home.

Wait for the wet, winter weather and the job can become much messier and take longer, with the likelihood of water and mud being trailed into your house much greater than during a dry, summer’s day.

Add to this the fact that doors are going to have to be constantly opened and closed with people coming and going and the experience looks a lot more pleasant during the warmer months.

3) Save money: give yourself time to stock up on wood and install your oak fireplace beam

There’s nothing nicer than sitting in front of a log fire with a mulled wine at Christmas time, admiring the decorations hanging from your oak fireplace beam.

Come autumn, everyone wants fuel for their wood burning stove. Buying wood in the summer, when demand is low, can often work out cheaper. Plus, you have more time to season the wood yourself during the warmer summer months, removing the need to pay for fully seasoned wood.

If you buy your oak fireplace beam now as well, you can have your fireplace looking amazing in no time at all.

Plan ahead: buy a wood burning stove during the summer

Purchasing your wood burning stove before the autumn rush, cannot only banish those long waiting times but could even save you some money.

Plus, if you leave it too late, you may not have your wood burning stove in time for when the weather turns cold. In Britain, that could be sooner rather than later!