3 Reasons why now is the best time to buy an oak fireplace beam

Freddie Armstrong

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This summer’s scorching weather has meant that it’s too hot to do anything other than sit in the shade, sipping a chilled glass of rosé or an ice-cold bottle of beer and partaking in a little online browsing. Getting the interior of your home ready for the colder months ahead with an oak fireplace beam, may seem completely crazy in this heat. But bear with us. Here are three very good reasons why an oak fireplace beam should be at the top of your summer shopping list…

1) Summer sales = oak beams at bargain prices

During the hot summer months, most people are thinking about purchasing paddling pools and outdoor furniture.

Items for the interior of the home are likely to be forgotten, for the time being at least.

This is good news for those who like to bag a bargain. As demand is low, you can often pick up an oak fireplace beam for a fraction of the price that you would pay in autumn or winter.

2) Make your oak fireplace beam a feature for the summer months

Decorating fireplace mantels isn’t just for Christmas. Make coming in from your garden on a summer’s evening more special, by investing in an oak fireplace beam and decorating it now.

Simply install an oak beam on your fireplace and adorn it with items that remind you of summer. A seaside theme, with a few shells interspersed with candles and jars filled with pebbles, looks great at this time of year.

Plus, decorating your new oak mantel is the perfect way to get out of the heat for a little while.

3) Avoid a last-minute rush

If you are installing an oak mantle and a wood burning stove at the same time, delaying the installation until winter can result in long waiting times.

As the nights draw in, demand for wood burning stoves and tradesmen to install them, often grow rapidly.

Avoid the unnecessary wait and frustration of not having your stove installed in time for Christmas, by purchasing your oak beam and wood burner now.

You could even find that you could save some money on the stove installation, too.

Buy oak fireplace beams while the weather is warm

The lower demand for oak mantels in the summer, means that you could pay less for a similar beam in the summer, compared to autumn or winter.

Want to save some cash by buying your fireplace mantel now? The good news is that here at Traditional Beams, our oak beams are currently on sale!

Worried about how you will install your new oak mantel? Take a look at our blog for tips on how to install your fireplace beam in record time.