2021 Summer Decoration Trends For The Home

Rebecca Armstrong

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2020 has changed the way we view our homes. Never before have we spent so much time in them and relied this much on our living spaces to make us feel safe and cosy. It’s no surprise then that summer 2021 home decoration trends are all about cosiness and relaxation.

Look to nature for your colour palate

One positive thing to come out of the pandemic is that it has forced us all to rediscover nature and the vital role it plays in our lives. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your living space this year, take inspiration from the natural, earthy tones you find in nature.

This doesn’t have to mean no bright colours. If the thought of purely earthy tones sends you to sleep, add splashes of colour with cushions or throws. Think daffodils poking out of tall grass in March or fields of poppies in June.

Houseplants are essential

As we were restricted to how much we could venture outside of our homes, many of us decided to bring the outside in with houseplants.

Houseplants are still a must-have trend in 2021. Not only do they help to soften a space, many also act as air purifiers to remove nasties that could be lurking in the air of our homes.

Wall murals

If you are feeling extra brave and are lucky enough to count an artist as a friend or family member, why not add a wall mural to your living space. It’s no surprise that having to spend more time at home and being restricted on where and when we can travel has resulted in wall murals becoming more popular in 2021.

Adorning your wall with a mural is sure to create a real ‘wow’ factor and will enable you to escape to another world every time you sit down with a cup of tea.

Natural materials

As well as living plants, bringing natural materials into your home can help to make a space feel more cosy and welcoming.

An oak fireplace beam is the ideal way to bring natural wood into your home, as it is easy to install and will act as a stunning focal point.

Tweak your space for the season

Adding seasonal decorations to your home is the ideal way to bring it up to date when you’re on a budget. Plus, decorations are easy to put up and take down and don’t require days on end of DIY!

An oak fireplace beam is the ideal place to create a seasonal display. Houseplants of different shapes and sizes, interspersed with candles for those cooler evenings when you’re sitting indoors, look wonderful sitting on top of an oak beam.

If you want to add a splash of colour, bunting in a warm pink or shade of yellow will also look stunning.

Haven’t yet got an oak fireplace beam to decorate? Take a look at our range of oak beams to find one to suit your space.


We hope our decoration trends have inspired you!