Oak Fireplace Beam *Shaped*

Each shaped beam is skilfully worked, often around knots, to give the appearance of a natural edge. All corners and edges are rounded off and softened.
Section Size

(Height x depth)

  • Oak Fireplace Beam - Shaped


    Our shaped oak fireplace beam is entirely exclusive to Traditional Beams. We work each beam skilfully, often around knots, giving the appearance of a natural edge. We round off and soften all corners and edges.


    All of beams with the exception of our 19cm x 14cm (7.5" x 5.5") beam will be supplied with fixings, positioned in one of the larger sides. Depending on the section size of your beam, we will provide a unique fixing system to suit.

    The fittings we provide can be fixed into brick, stone or breeze block walls. You can also fix to stud walls where timer uprights can be located. Please note: The back of the oak fireplace beam is left unfinished.


    What you need to know!

    • Lifetime Guarantee!
    • Size is accurate to +/- 5mm
    • 19cm x 14cm beams will NOT be pre-drilled or come with with fixings. All other sizes come complete with fixings and fitting instructions.
    • We are a trusted online retailer - see what our past customers say.
    • We craft our fireplace beams from well air dried oak to ensure minimal movement once installed.
    • We recommend leaving your beam (removed from the packaging) to acclimatise to your room for 2 weeks prior to installation.
    • Oak Fireplace Beam with a natural shaped appearance



    Please be aware that because oak is a natural product, each oak fireplace beam does vary with regards to: cracks, knots, colour and grain pattern. Beams sizes are approximate to +/- 5mm. Some beams may have small areas of pin holing which further adds to the rustic effect, which we will treat these beams with anti infestation solution.

    All of our oak beams are well air dried ensuring minimal movement once you install it in your home. As your oak fireplace beam adjusts to your room temperature, further cracks may appear also adding to the character. This is nothing to worry about. Please note that we can't treat any of the above as defects. 

    Oak Beams are a combustible material, therefore it is important that you position the beam a safe distance away from stoves, flues and other heat sources in line with building and HETAS regulations. Installing a beam to close to a heat source may cause excessive cracking and be unsafe.


    Order our shaped oak beam online today at our best prices yet!

  • Check out our installation guides below… Please note, all installations are different and we can only offer a general guide.

    7.5″x5.5″ beams do not come with fixings.

    Please Note:

    We cannot take any responsibility for any incorrect installations or damage caused during the installation process. Returns are not accepted for items that have been installed.

  • Everything we manufacturer is professionally finished in-house using only the finest products. We achieve this fantastic range with wood stains which penetrate deep into the wood followed by a top coat of wax polish for protection.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact colour matches to existing furniture. Please use these colour samples as a guide only, as oak is a natural product colour variation can be expected.

    The following swatch provides a great example of how unfinished oak can vary in colour.

How It’s Made...


  • All of our fully finished fireplace beams, with the exception of the 7.5"x5.5" size come with fixings. Depending on the size you choose we will supply a fixing method to suit your beam. Beams 3.5" deep or less come with heavy duty keyhole fixings pre-machined into the back of the beam. Beams deeper than this come with our 12mm concealed fixings and pre-drilled holes. For 7.5"x5.5" beams you can see the recommended installation method in the installation tab above.

  • If you would like a bespoke length, please order the next length up and leave a note in the checkout to cut the beam down. If the length you need is longer than what is listed or you need a different section size, please contact us and we will be happy to check if this is something we can offer and provide a quote. Please note that bespoke sizes will make the beam non-returnable.

  • If you would like to fit solely into a plasterboard wall we recommend a beam which is 3.5" deep or less. These come with keyhole fixings and you will then be able to purchase some plasterboard specific screws and wall plugs that will work in conjunction with these. We recommend hollow wall anchors. Alternatively if you can locate and fix into the timber studs we can change the pre-drilled hole locations to suit, enabling you to fix directly into the timber studs.

  • Floating Fireplace Beams WIHTOUT corbels have the fixings positioned on one on the larger faces. Beams WITH corbels have the fixings on the smaller face. If you need to change this just leave a note in checkout, however this will make the beam non-returnable. Surrounds have the fixings positioned on the larger face for the uprights and the smaller face for the mantel to create an overhang.

  • Each stove will have the safe distance to combustible materials in the manual to comply with HETAS and building regulations. The average distance is around 450mm. The beam must also be a safe distance away from the flue. This distance is usually the flue diameter x 3. You can find more information here > How far above a wood burnign stove can I install an Oak Beam.

  • In order for us to be sustainable our timber must be too! Our timber is always sourced from reliable and reputable sawmills who are FSC or PEFC certified. We also give back by planting 1 tree for every £50 spent with us.

  • Although you could specify in notes for us to select a beam with no or minimal cracks, we can not guarantee this. It depends on the stock we have available. If we do find a beam with no cracks, we can not guarantee that it will not crack slightly once installed in a central heated home. It is typical for air-dried beams to crack and move slightly overtime during that natural acclimatisation process to your home. Cracks are usually a good indication that the beams are well air dried. If you are looking for a beam that does not crack at all then take a look at our kiln dried oak beam.

  • Yes of course, feel free to send us a message or even a photo of your fireplace and we will be happy to advise. In most cases it is just down to personal preference but smaller opening to suit smaller beams.

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