This summer’s top trend for your fireplace mantel

Freddie Armstrong

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Tired of looking at the same old stuff on your mantelpiece? Give your fireplace mantel a makeover for the summer months with the latest summer interior design trends.

Bring in the botanical

Summer 2019 is all about botanical prints and bright greens. Think tropical rainforest in your home and you’re pretty much there.

This look is perfect for the summer months. On a drizzly British summer’s day, you can bathe in the cheery hues of botanical colours from the comfort of your own home.

To bring your fireplace mantel up to date with the look, head out and get yourself some faux greenery. Palm leaves, ferns and even the odd real cactus should be on your shopping list.

Add your fake plants to your fireplace mantel, creating a sense of depth by placing some plants and leaves lying down and others upright in vases. Add a few gold or rose gold accessories, such as candle holders and even little holders for your cacti, and the look is complete.

Sunbaked summer colours

Imagine a hot sunny day in Italy, the sun baking down on the terracotta tiles, your toes digging into the hot, dry sand as you stroll along a deserted beach…

Warm, sunbaked oranges and pinks are one of the top trends this year, so why not add a little bit of the Mediterranean sunshine to your fireplace mantel?

This is one of the easiest trends to recreate on your fireplace mantel. All you really need to source is a selection of terracotta and stone-effect vases and small jars, which you can fill with little candles to warm up your room on a cool summer’s evening.

Add a strip of warm pink or orange bunting, as a hint towards the playfulness. It might remind you of being at the seaside. Finish off with some tropical houseplants placed in pots hidden in small wicker containers.

Monochrome your fireplace mantel

It’s one of the year’s hottest trends: monochrome geometric patterns.

Recreate this smart, elegant look on your fireplace with a mix and match of monochrome vases and candle holders. To really bring the look bang up to date, add some pops of mustard too. You can do this with the odd elegant ornament or picture frame. Finish off by adding warm white LED lantern string lights to complete your display.

Don’t have a fireplace mantel?

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